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About Me

I am a Kenyan lady and a single mother of one Shadrack Mutiso who I love and adore so much, I am a honest person, down to earth natural African woman. I crave most for the African woman who is always under oppression to get up and fight for what rightfully belongs to her "good life" being a house wife and mother is not good enough. Empowering women economically of the change we need in Africa, women hold the key to success in Africa, as long as their voices are ignored we are going nowhere. To see women prosper in terms of economic empowerment Finance, I feel that if I had the power i would help women come out of poverty by helping them to initiate small projects that will generate income Information Technology, Encouraging people

My Vision

To see women in the front line and eradicate domestic violence completely and see a more empowered society economically


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