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About Me

I Monu Gupta, a cultural and development activist living in Bangladesh. I am living with my Mum and one sister and a Nephew. Another sister is married. I got Masters degree from Dhaka University and now engaged with a NGO name REMOLD since 1993. The REMOLD have been working exclusively with the women rights issues in order to eradicate all forms of discrimination of their lives from its birth.

I strongly believe on the religion of Humanity and committed to contribute with all my present and future attempts to generate an alternative world where Human Beings with all Living Beings would be living in Equity, Justice, Humanity and Peace.

I yet single due to have minimum time to think about personal affairs but firmly believe that the time for own should be sufficient to have a friend partner who would be a real running mate of my thoughts and attempts.

I feel proud with the sharing of learning and thoughts and trying to work together with the friends of one world for the better living of women in a women friendly globe.

To work with sincerely and honestly Extreme consumerism leads women more vulnerable. Recitation, Drama acting and direction

My Vision

Engender the world a real heaven