STOP Domestic violence of women of Bangladesh

Monu Gupta
Posted August 25, 2011 from Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country of South Asia and densely populated about 16 billion people living in about 55 thousand sq. Kilometer. Out of total population of the country, the percentage of men and women is divided in to 50-50 and about 90% are they Muslim by religion.

Since the Liberation War of 1971, there is lots of change events happened in the country in politics and in society that are absolutely historical on the way of total development. Women’s rights issues are one among the major change events. Some initiatives have taken by government and some by non-government organizations (NGOs) in order to improve the level of empowerment of women and their overall status at every functional sector of the state. In this connection, several new laws for criminal offences of men against women have introduced meanwhile but the rate of domestic violence of women in each social class is reaching to quite intolerable situation.

During the nearer past, an Assistant Professor Ms. Romana Monjur, Department of International Relations of Dhaka University has been brutally injured by her husband in presence of their 05 years old daughter inside own well secured house. Sorry to say, Ms. Monjur has lost her both eye’s sight permanently (according to doctor’s opinion) causes of her husband’s brutal torture. It’s not a separate brutal case, very close to above incident of domestic violence of women, thousands cruel happenings are occurred by man in every day across the country. Insufficient numbers of those cases reach to verdict appropriately.

A woman wherever she becomes victim of domestic violence by man, the total women community of one World perceptibly victimized if not confirm verdict against the criminal. Each civilized citizen of Bangladesh, with collective voice should assemble nearby Ms. Romana Monjur as well as one and all of the World similarly must close by every known or unknown victim women of the earth.

Regrettably, in Bangladesh, the numbers of domestic violence of women are increasing day by day. Why? Why the women’s status is so miserable at domestic level where the big two political parties leaded and controlled by two woman leaders during decades in the country. Moreover, it’s very hard to say with one more example in the world for past and or present time that the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition of parliament, Home Minister, Foreign Minister and Agriculture Minister are women together in the government of a country during one term and that is only Bangladesh.

There are enormous laws as existed in the country against dowry, rape, multiple marriage, child marriage, acid violence, trafficking, abuse etc to protect the major rights issues of women but the number of violation of women’s rights is not reducing at all. Sometimes, the number is increased to the severe level and the kinds of cruelty of incidents are reached to that height that extremely out of human’s imagination. Rather few incidents as have taken place in the country, no doubt, it never happened in wild lives. Although, few death penalty was given to accused persons due to man’s brutal act to woman but others of the society are not receiving learning from the verdict. Therefore, it proves that the traditional strong masculine, malevolence views regarding women do not change deep rooted cultural attitudes of men only by legal course of actions rather men’s needs here to commit thyself ‘change own self and act to change others.’

According to social scientist, the incidents of domestic violation of women rights is happened in Bangladesh due to many reasons where some reasons are possible to alleviate with a number of actions by sort term period and long term needs for only some. Therefore, every individuals, organizations, professionals who are contributing their proficiency, time and money to rebuild a world of equity, justice and peace for everybody humbly call together to assemble with REMOLD-Bangladesh in order to establish a serviceable Social Net for a non-discriminated gender, justice and peace society.

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