Hope and Happiness

Monu Gupta
Posted June 6, 2012 from Bangladesh

Now-a-days, I extremely feel shame, when I see, a woman look at me, because I am a man. A man can do all brutal works to a woman. Though, truth is, all man can't do similarly in the society but few of them can easily do.

Very recently, an incident happened in an apartment in the capital Dhaka, Bangladesh. A man has killed and made 26 pieces a teen aged girl after sharing love and spending a night together. The man has played love affairs with that innocent girl since years back. Incredible…...

I humbly request to all men, please stop the violence to women. Come on brother and sister with paying love and respect to each other to fill human's lives with heavenly happiness as well as to save the civilization of one world.

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Breese McIlvaine
Jun 08, 2012
Jun 08, 2012

Dear Monu - thank you for speaking out against violence against women. Men are essential partners in the movement for peace and equality, it's great to have you in our community and encouraging other men.