Sharing opportunities posted online with others can empower a community

Yaas place
Posted July 23, 2014 from Ghana

The internet has many opportunities, "the question is" are we sharing it with many people ? The reason why social media "Facebook"s is big, is because people shared with others. I for instance joined in 2008 because friends were constantly sending invitation emails. If you have joined a social media, "I ask, how did you hear about it"?

A year ago, someone told me to follow a blog called "opportunities for Africans". The blog posts opportunities such as internships,events,scholarships,competitions and fellowships. This blog has given me the opportunity to attend training programs. It is also through this same blog that I first heard of the "women weave the web digital campaign". I joined World Pulse because someone shared an online opportunity with me.

The internet can give a voice to the voiceless. I'm an entrepreneur today because of the internet. Tell a friend, to tell a friend about an opportunity you found online ! Share your technical knowledge with others.

WWW: Women Weave the Web

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Grace Stainback
Aug 13, 2014
Aug 13, 2014

Dear moshelbeads,

thank you for your contribution to World Pulse! It is so true that sharing and connecting with others what content we find on the internet that we find to be most useful is such a great way to spread information and spark change. Your motivational entry will continue to inspire!!!

your sister, Grace

Damilola Fasoranti
Apr 04, 2015
Apr 04, 2015

Hi Moshelbeads,

You described sharing so beautifully.

I agree that sharing is caring, sharing is loving.

The more we share, the more we learn, have and grow.

Helping others find opportunities and become better is what it means to be truly 'social'.

Thank you for sharing this insight.

Cheers, Fasoranti.

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