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Posted August 25, 2020 from India

hello everyone

good morning

mera naam meenakshi rajput hai. mai ek working women hu 15 years se partisanshipmain  ek computer coaching run krti hu 

or hmesha self depend rahna chati hu but now some family pressure i cant do this because my husband internally torcher me for left my work. but i cant. i know very well they will left me so i have no idea then what i do? but May I never bow down to any wrong thing. because this is my self respect.

but now i say every women we are not week we should strong and todays life every women should be self depend. but now also some villages person thinking so bad for women work.

mai chahti hu apni life ko every person freely jiye. shaadi k baad jb ek man ki life nai badalti wo self decision le skta hai to momen kyu nai wo freely kyu apni baat nai rakh skti aaj bi samaj m use kyu kha jata hai k uska ghar sasural hai sasural bole mayka or mayka bole sasural phir ek ladki ka ghar kaun sa hoga. 




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Hello, Meenakshi,

Welcome to World Pulse! I'm so glad that a new voice from India is rising up!

It's true. Women are not weak, and it is not wrong for women to work. I agree with you that women needs to be independent, too. As the world is advancing in technology, there are more opportunities for women to find jobs, even work from home.

Please keep on writing. We love to know more about you. We're happy you are here. Hope you can meet our strong and independent sisters here.

Welcome again to our growing sisterhood!

Thelma obani 2020
Aug 27
Aug 27

Welcome to world pulse dear.
Yes we are strong and together with us we will do more.
Keep winning as a strong woman

Beth Lacey
Aug 27
Aug 27

Welcome to World Pulse

Aug 27
Aug 27

Thank you for sharing.

Nini Mappo
Aug 28
Aug 28

Hello mrajput,
Welcome to World Pulse!
I am sorry to hear of your family troubles and how difficult that must be.
I am glad that you could share with us your experience. Speaking up is a sign of strength.
Your strength will lead to your freedom. Keep rising

We are here to celebrate your victory.

Sep 03
Sep 03

Hello Meenakshi ji,
well said, Self Respect is must!!
9930025807 mera number hai, mai Mumbai se hu, hum whatsapp par jud sakte hai.