Conversation starter-- How do you talk about World Pulse?

Posted June 8, 2011 from United States
Pondering the question...
Pondering the question...
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Hello Everyone!

I hope this finds you all in good health and spirits today. I have been missing our frequent communication since the program wrapped up, and thought that we could maybe get a conversation going here!

I am curious how each of us talks about World Pulse to people in our community. What words do you use to describe our site, our community, or our programs? When you talk with your friends or family, do you highlight different aspects of World Pulse and PulseWire than when you talk to co-workers or professional networks? What are some things that have really captured people's imagination, made them excited and drawn them into the community? Or, what things are more difficult to explain or leave people confused? Do you talk about your own experience with the Voices of Our Future program, or do you speak more generally about the tools on our site?

As you work on your Each One Teach Five projects, it could be really helpful to learn from your peers here and find new ways of describing the community we've built together! I know there are lots of different things to say, but it would be interesting to see what works in different contexts. Please share!

I look forward to learning from you, and finding some new ways to tell our shared story of life in the Pulse!

Warm regards, Scott

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Busayo Obisakin
Jun 09, 2011
Jun 09, 2011

When i want tell people about Worldpulse, i always start with my experience with VOF and the need for them to join the community. I always let know that pulsewire is a community of amazing women all over the world and that they could tap from the wealth of knowledge of these women. I always let them be aware of series of opportunities that are in the site like the resource exchange where you can send you can post some offers and needs. Action alert, Global gathering and many more.

Regards Busayo

Dando Mugara
Jun 11, 2011
Jun 11, 2011

well, I love to talk about the powerful, fearless women on this site, their writing of achievements, challeges and development that surround these women on this site. But one thing I never forget is the opportunity I have experienced here on the site which has made me experiance another side of life. As I talk to people especially women I also talk of how self empowering this site is, how you develop as an individual and how people you have never met care and always look forward to find a solution to issues affecting you.

God bless Dando