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About Me

Ms. Vendiola (Swinomish/Filipina) is a mediator, peacemaker, educator and community activist. She is the co-founder of the regional Community Alliance and Peacemaking Project and currently leads workshops in alliance building, community organizing strategies, leadership and peacemaking. Shelly works as a consultant to organizations that work for environmental, economic, and social justice and who operate youth development initiatives. At present she spearheads the Swinomish Climate Change Initiative – Community Engagement Process. Shelly formerly served as the Campaign Director for the Indigenous Environmental Network and continues to work in alliance with IEN to support environmental justice initiatives for tribes in the Northwest region. She also continues to work in partnership with the Lummi CEDAR Project, a native woman led non-profit dedicated to youth leadership and healthy lifestyles where she provides technical assistance and training.

Ms. Vendiola has provided technical assistance and training to many women led groups and organizations including the Climate Change Education & Awareness Group, Women’s Spirit Coalition, and the Indigenous Women’s Network where she served as the former President. Shelly has an M.Ed. and practices popular education methodology within all aspects of her work as an educator, activist, and community organizer.
Protecting Mother Earth, hiking, yoga, walking meditation, youth leadership, women leadership & mentorships Corporate and govermental constructs which disempower women & communities Education, Community organizing, Youth leadership, Women leadership & mentorship, Environmental Justice, Mediation & Peacemaking

My Vision

Thriving respectful and responsible leadership, healthy communities and protection of mother earth.