Posted October 19, 2020 from Democratic Republic of the Congo
une émission é à la RTNK
une émission é à la RTNK: c'est une raidio télévision appeléé ngoma ya kivu qui est la signifikation de la RTNK. (1/1)

In the same heat of the International Day of the Young Girl, it was certain on October 12 that we went to the radio with a team of girls ambassadors for peace in South Kivu under the theme "women's rights, women and the environment ". I developed the subject by giving 9 rights of women so I spoke on: * Women's rights:

1. Right to study: it is very important that a woman also studies like a man and this is a very important right.

2. Right to lead: women also have the right to lead. Sometimes we only find many men in power than women and this is because women are neglected. I encouraged women by telling them that they may also be able to do it like men do. 3.Right to life: A woman also has the right to live, so she must also be protected, it is not her who must be mistreated at all times, it is not up to her to rape each time so also she has the right to life.

4.Right for decision-making: I have advised mothers and young girls that they also have the right to make a decision for themselves because sometimes we find that a woman does not have the right to decide in the house if not the man himself. but also there are mothers who favor their daughters in decision making by imposing their husbands and this can be for example: if the husband has the material or if she is same tribe as her.

5.Health law: It is good that a woman can have good health. for example: well fed is his right to health, a good sleep is also a right etc.

6. Right to inheritance: A woman can also inherit it is a right of time because the customs require it we find only the men who have the right to the inheritance; we said no and by damaging our contribution I saw that it is as good as a woman can inherit.

7. Right to participation: I saw that it is good that a woman also participates in the property of her husband, there are some men there who do not involve their wives in their property when they sign. two a scheme of the universal community of good but a big surpise the men do not involve the women.

8.Right to marriage: It is also good to get married and not to leave early for the girls, but also a right that a married woman is in the register of the state because you are going to see a married woman but not recognized as someone's legitimate wife in the state.

9. Right to work: a woman must also have the right to work, Here at home there are men who refuse to their wives not to work on the grounds that they will be tempted by other men, this is not normal because everywhere everyone goes to work and this voucher because it is a complementarity.

** Women and the environment

-A right woman to be clean first, she must arrange her house, and her children.

-A woman or girl must manage the filth well and keep it away so as not to cause certain diseases that will be bad for health

-A woman must be the holder for good ventilation.

                                                 Thank you very much!

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Oct 19
Oct 19

Helo Heloo Mugoli :)

As I am reading the 9 rights of women you shared. I also remember the rights of the children, which they will need to know and remember when they grow up.

Thank you for sharing.

Nov 09
Nov 09

Hello dear maeann!
thank you for your addition, it is really necessary.

Oct 19
Oct 19

hello Mugoli
Nice work the message has reached all the groups, there is a saying that the thing was said over and over again the one who is being told does it with exhaustion. And let us not tire of preaching about women rights and children as well.

Nov 09
Nov 09

Hello my sister Valem!
it's very real what you said. and above all thank you very much for you.

Nini Mappo
Oct 20
Oct 20

Hello dear Gisele,
It is so lovely to see you so taken into the important message of rights of women that you are delivering over airwaves. I'm so proud of you! It is wonderful that you and the girls could get air time on radio to educate the community on women rights, and the girls could also get practical mentoring on public speaking.
Good stuff girl, keep shining.
Much love :)

Nov 09
Nov 09

Wow .... hello my accomplice of brave Nini!
You know what...? I always like to read you because your ideas make me want to see you more one day. even if it is from a distance but hope to see each other one day by divine grace. thank you very much for doing violence to yourself because of the community. you are a rare pearl my darling.
I love you too