Enough is Enough !

Posted August 23, 2013 from India

Enough is Enough ! Another rape ! Another young girl forced to be a victim of sexual crime in Mumbai city. Where do we even begin to understand the problem and where do we end, in order to offer a solution ?

The recent gang - rape of a 23 year-old photojournalist in the heart of the Mumbai city, stirs disturbing images of gang- rape and murder of a young girl, on a bus in Delhi, last December.

Candle light vigils, slogans and silent marches are done to death. Now something more needs to be done.

We need to understand that something is terribly wrong with our men and their psyche.Our inefficient system, brazenness of police, who fails to provide safety and security to ordinary citizens, and the prevailing 'rape culture', add up to make the Indian men behave worse.

It would be wrong on my part to solely blame the men for the crimes. Because the culprit lies within the whole charm of " Indian culture", something that we all take pride in, but fail to question the apparent misogynist trappings underneath it.

Therefore, what is needed is: constructive debates and action based solutions, a safe platform where women and men would come together in support of one other while contributing to end the rape culture of India. Forwarding this thought, I have started a Facebook page called : Speak Up India. This page looks to facilitate and support women (and men )while bringing to light issues that impact change and looks forward to ending impunity in our society.

Here is the link : https://www.facebook.com/letusspeakup

Do join us and make this happen !

Lots of love to all,

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Upasana Chauhan
Aug 29, 2013
Aug 29, 2013

The only reason these things are repeated across the nation and much more frequently these days is that there is no fear of law in these culprits. Consider the Mumbai Case, as one of the criminal himself accepted that they raped 3 women in the same place in last 2 years and nobody complained about them. Those women never dared to knock the door of any law authorities out of fear of the rapists as they threatened them to leak their pictures taken. This obviously increased the confidence of the rapists and this time they dared to do the same even in presence of another man. The only solution lies in giving them a harsh punishment publicly that everyone learn a lesson and they cant even dream of doing such a horrendous crime ever again.

Cali gal Michelle
Sep 04, 2013
Sep 04, 2013

Upsi- I appreciate your reply, and your efforts in this forum!

Sep 04, 2013
Sep 04, 2013

Absolutely n o fear of law. In the Mumbai case, many dirty truths have come out in open. The gang of men who raped that photo-journalist, had made that rather secluded area of Shakti Mills the den of their mischievous activities. They used to drink, take drugs and indulge in other anti-social acts,and yet the police had no clue about this. They also raped 4 rag pickers before raping that journalist that day. The poor girls could not even muster the courage to complain.Apparently, these men used to click photos of the victims and threatened them with dire consequences, if at all they decided to reveal. Now is this a failure of our whole system or not? Police, judicial and our society at large is responsible for this neglect and apathy. We must not forget that these men belong to this society too. They are one of us. Therefore, it is us as much as them, that is responsible for this failure.

Thank you for your precious comment. Appreciate it !