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Lily Habesha
Posted June 21, 2017 from Ethiopia

Last April when i was in Nairobi, i introduced WP to one air traffic for KQ, one teacher and a young house wife who had been a business women.

The air traffic is an old friend, and the teacher was a diplomat's spouse in Addis . Three of them are Kenyan women.

The young mother with a two year old boy, i just came across with her when i was trying to visit another elderly friend whom i knew thirteen years ago. I saw her twice on year 2007 and 2010 when i visited there. This time, the house had been changed in to a G+1 and the tenants were new. One lady from upstairs came out when I rang the bell, the husband followed. I don't know them. I asked them If Nancy lives down stairs. They told me to press the other bell. I did. But a young girl carrying a little boy came out.

I explained what i want. She told me the owners are not here. The lady died and the husband moved to another estate. I was sad to hear that.

"Come, and we chat. You are an Ethiopian , I can tell." Said the beautiful girl. I wanted to say no, but when i taught of Wp, I accepted the invitation.

Her name is Sean, the boy is Leshan. I followed her inside.

"You Ethiopians have such a nice food. I like all your dishes. I go twice a week, but the price is expensive. YOu people are very beautiful. I like your hair, your children.."

I was so happy to hear all that about our beauty. When I lived there, all the kenyan men, elderly women used to tell us how beautiful we were, but the young girls in our nebahud, they never greeted us. They show only their hatred. I was surprised to hear that from a young and very beautiful girl.

"You also look like our girls. Your skin is light and you very cute." I said.

"Yes. Every time i go to your restaurants in town. The ushers speak with me in Amharic. When I tell them I'm a Kenyan they don't believe it."

I carried a lot of shopping bags. 2 Guess ladies' bags, the others i don't remember...5 more bags, two linen jackets...I left at her place and went to shop for more. Leshan was playing with me football. I put my leather jacket on her coach and left. I had some money in my bag. When i reach the place i supposed to go I remember my jacket. All my Dollars, my ATM was in same bag in the jacket's pocket. I was not sure if i forgot the jacket in her place or in the taxi.

To find a trustworthy person in Nairobi is a dream, especially as me as a foreigner. I went to her place next morning, to ask for the jacket.

My jacket was there, and everything in the pocket as well. I introduced Sean to WP after I come home. She was happy to Join.

Last week i went to A center which is run by BLIND girl. She helps street women and kids. Her name is Helen. The Name of the NGO : " Addis Hiwot YOuth and Women..."

Addis Hiwot means New Life.

I introduced WP to her and her office mate last Monday.

Sonia a brand for lajere or Under wares, pyjamas for women. Sonia is the founder of this small scale company. I invited her to WP and she opened an account the same day. I went to her office and and trained her how to post her stories ....

Bethlehem is a fresh graduate from Debre Birhan University. She is working with some Chinese company that manufacture electric pole. I introduced her to WP two weeks ago.

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Dorothy Nabakooza
Jun 24, 2017
Jun 24, 2017

There is power in sharing knowledge, and when we travel something about our mindset changes. thank you for inspiring the world Mosisa