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Sharing the NEws of WOrld Pulse in the INERNET CAFE

Lily Habesha
Posted July 28, 2017 from Ethiopia
Sharing information
When you share good news, good things will come to you.

These days, I'm using internet in the internet cafe. The time I retuned back from Nairobi, I was told to vacat the gust house for no reason and without warning.

I carry my laggages and walked up and down the two stories...four flight of stairs, was ten or twelve times I run up and down...

When I left the compound, my ankles stopped functioning. I was walking an ant. All my energy was gone. I turn to Leina's house. I had to crowl. I was too tired to carry my note book computer, i hold it down. I hit the ground with my bag, and I knew pc was going to crash. I was comforted the laptop I bought from Kenya will be saving me. The dealer in Kenya cheated me and sold me a broken PC. My old note book is not working.

All things are happening for our own good.

Every time I come to the cafe, I sit by a woman or a girl...and show the WP website, I tell them to write the name and to sign up, and share the news. I have my fifth girl to introduce her today.

Let's take the news of WP anywhere we go.

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leila Kigha
Jul 31, 2017
Jul 31, 2017

Such courage my dear. 

I just love the way you turn your sorrows and obstacles into opportunities. To make a difference. 

Keep on keeping on 

Aug 09, 2017
Aug 09, 2017


It is amazing the way you have chosen to help others despite your situation.

Well done and keep striving!