Initiative Update

Training neighbors in making things

Lily Habesha
Posted August 1, 2017 from Ethiopia
Sharing is gaining..
When we give what we have, The things we need will be given to us

The summer season for most of the world is my winter at home.

Early June, when the sun is getting warm on the other part of the world, the heavy rain fall here in Ethiopia.

Most of the young girls are in their homes and schools and Universities are on break. This is a good opportunity to meet many of them. I moved to a new condo last May.

I've been training some young girls and women, dressmaking, knitting and embroidery. I'm telling them how to make something small and beautiful, and snap it and post it on their FB to make money. Because most of the young people here, get many ID on FB, to date, to cheat others and make fun of people.

I strongly advice them to use the internet for the best use, and to promote their lives.

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Aug 01, 2017
Aug 01, 2017

Let's use Facebook to teach,Inspire,Share ideas.Now a days people post unnecessary staff,Like what they eat their dinner,If it's for recipes sharing that is okay.But who cares what someone dinner is!!!Please use face book Appropriately,Wisely. Thanks 

Emeteh Melvis F.
Aug 04, 2017
Aug 04, 2017

Hello Bettybek. I just read your ongoing project around your parents village. My dear this is a very good initiative. Keep up