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Introducing World Pulse at the AIR PORT

Lily Habesha
Posted October 24, 2017 from Ethiopia
Ethiopian Queen Zewiditu
Will come ...with her story next time

Last October 10th,I meet one lady at Kenyatta Air Port. I was busy checking emails on my phone, when she smiled at me and greeted me. She pulled her hair back and she was light skinned. I thought she was from Ethiopia. She took a sit on the third raw in the terminal where we were waiting for our air craft.

Twelve girls appeared with burka and hair dresses. I guess they were also Ethiopians. The language they were speaking was not understandable with the noise in the terminal. The lady who greeted me earlier came and sat next to me. I greet her again in Amharic. She made a little move and told me she didn’t understand what I said.

“Are you from Ethiopia?” I asked.

“No, I’m from Comoros.” Said the lady.

“Are you flying to Ethiopia?”


“What will you do in your stay? You live in Addis?”

“No, two days only. ECA, gender meeting.”

I saw the lady comes from non English speaking country. She speaks French or Portuguese. She was very silent, but I had to tell her about World Pulse. I open the website on my phone, showed her how to sign up and become a member. I asked her to pass the information to all girls and women 16 years old and above. She has a good position in her country, she can reach many women.

The girls who covered their heads came and surrounded us. They asked the lady from Comoros to check their passport in Amharic. I interrupted in and told them she is not Ethiopian lady.

“Ok, can you tell me if I am allowed to go and work in Middle East again?” asked one of the girls.

They give me all the passports. “Girls, I don’t read or speak Arabic. Whatever they wrote on your passport I don’t understand. “Because you’re speaking with …we thought….” They went back to their sits. I kept chatting them. All the girls were deported from Dubai. They paid for traffickers from 7000 birr-10000 br. one of the girl was deported in 7 days, the other in two months, …etc. they didn’t get their pay. The day I left my country, I meet a girl from Bujumbura with same story. She worked in Middle East for six months, fired without pay because she was sick. She opened her purse and showed me 20$ bill she received from her Ethiopian friend. She used my phone to call home. She send text message on fb to her boyfriend using my phone.

One of the girls came to me and said; “Please ask them to allow me to fly with you guys. The man at the desk said, my flight is tomorrow. There is no empty sit.”

“I don’t think if they do that. if it’s full, it’s full. You’ll come home tomorrow.” I said.

“No, I’ll be sick. Something makes me scream and makes me fall. That’s why my employers deported me. I was not like this before. They told me I screamed and fall.”

“Ok let’s go, I’ll talk to them. In case they say no, don’t be afraid. You won’t be sick. You won’t fall. They will take you to sleep in a hotel or you can sleep here. Don’t say you’ll be sick.”

“No no no…i know I’ll be sick. I have to go with this flight.” We were walking to one desk to the other leaving my bag and carry on there. This girl is from the jungle. She came from 650 km away from my city. She only wants to be with her families.

I talk to the young lady at the desk; “I meet this girl here. She told me she is epileptic case or something like that. She is not flying with us. She told me, she might scream and fall…the guy sent us to you from the other terminal to seek for her a special care. Is there a way, to help her?”

“The only thing we can do is, one of the girls who came from Dubai will fly tomorrow to help this girl fly with you. Go and ask the other friends to cooperate.” Said the girl at the desk.

I translate what the KQ girl said for the village girl. “Now, let’s go and ask them. if you know them, beg one of the girls to fly tomorrow.” I said.

“They won’t cooperate. They’ll all say no.” said the girl.

“Please, say something positive. They’ll say ok. You’re blocking every good thing. Teach yourself to speak and dream positive. Stop saying, “I’ll be sick. They ‘ll say no.”

“Yes, I know it, I’ll be sick. And I know they’ll say no.”

We reached to terminal 13. I told the girls the news and asked them for cooperation.

All of them said NO, because she was negative. After ten minutes, the girl I talked to her in the other terminal appeared. Bring that girl and her passport. They allow her to fly and postponed the one of those girls’s flight.

When we arrived in Addis, my cell phone was theirs. They call their families, friends and…

I’m always happy to be there for others.

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Oct 26, 2017
Oct 26, 2017

I am very proud of you for providing knowledge and assistance to many women. Being from different villages and travelling can be very stressful. Many times when being impacted by so much change this can create illness and you were wonderful.

Tamarack Verrall
Oct 29, 2017
Oct 29, 2017

Dear Lily,

This is the kind of heart and leadership the world needs. I am so glad to know you through World Pulse.

With love,