Lily Habesha
Posted January 19, 2017 from Ethiopia

Negerin Neger Yanesawal say the Ethiopian.( Something reminds you another thing.)

When I read a story of another sister, it remind me of some days years ago. I don't remember which day and year was the things happened, but the pictures are saved behind my mind very clear.

My best friend lost her grandpa and traveled to south. I call her and the brother took the phone. He told me she'll be in Addis in three hours. I didn't know her house. He offered to pick me to take me to their place. I connected to taxis and reached the are she lives. The brother came smiling, he walked me to a cafe and ordered for tea. He said, we should rest a bit because we're going to walk for 25 minutes and the day was sunny. I just walked with him, and the guy is a person I saw for the first time.

Then he ordered for tea. After a moment he walked to the cashier and whispered something and sat back next to me.

"Let's change a place." He said and walked to the other corner of the cafe. Again he stood up and walked. "Come, here is better for us to sit and chat." I followed him innocently, because my friend was a good mannered girl. I thought he's like a good brother.

In a twinkle of an eye, he grabbed my hand and entered into a tiny room with small bed. I slipped out of his hand and tried to open the door, it was locked from outside. I knocked it loud and heard a woman's voice. I shouted at her to open it right away. She opened the window and saw him questioningly. I could guess the lady and the guy know each other. i commanded her to open the door. he winked at her and told her, he had some unfinished business with me. I saw the window can be opened or locked from inside, I was not afraid of him. He begged me to stay only for 10 minutes in the room then we leave. I started rebuking him.

"I never imagined my friend has a brother like you. Are you sure you're from that family? I talk to your father on the phone many times, I don't meet him yet, he's such a nice man. And he has a boy like you?"

He was very embarrassed but didn't give up. He was trying to make me believe him and asked me to meet him in the future. He begged me not uncover his story of attempted rape.

I made it home safe.

On Monday, my friend brought me to her house. I meet her father and all the family members. When I saw her brother, I felt like slapping him. I didn't shake his hand. He came and complained to her, I was bad ...

He succeeded, and in less than two months my friend ignored me. To cover his misbehavior, he separated me from my friend. I still didn't tell her what he did.

After few years, I traveled to Kenya. I meet few church members from home.From day one, I didn't feel comfortable at all. Some other Ethiopians came three weeks after me. They were five brothers. They came to immigrate to America with fake immigration case. The big brother was registered as their father, in fact he was much older than the four young boys. Their sister refused to travel to America with them, then they picked one girl from the church and she was fixed in the immigration case as their sister. She took the name of their sister and went for interview with them to JVA and INS offices. they passed the interview and waited to travel.

One day, when I left the church, the big brother grabbed the hem of my skirt.

"Wait, I'll ask you something." said their big brother.

"I'm in a hurry, tell me what you want." I said.

"You know the city, please show me a place when I can eat nice fried chicken."

"Come tomorrow at White House( the name of the apartment I lived in by then) at 9: 00 am and I'll show you the place."

"No, let's do this. There's internet cafe close to White House, I'll wait for you there. Then we'll go to town."

"Ok, bye." i said and run to the white house. As I told you, I was not interested in those people. They're from same religion and from same country..Ethiopia.

In the morning I went to the cafe. The guy was not there. I logged in, checked my email. The man came, dressed up, wore a nice sun glass, never saw him like that. I put on a dress which I put it on for third day, I had a needle and knitting yarn in a big canvas bag.

"When you finish, come to the cafe. I'll take tea until you come." Said the guy. I logged out and went to the cafe next door.

"Ok, what did you feel when i ask you to take me to town and to buy me chicken?" he asked.

I took deep breath and unzipped my large bag. I removed my knitting and started doing my business.

"When you asked me that, i thought you wanted to eat chicken." I replied to him very relaxed.

"What do you think? You think I can't afford to buy myself chicken?"

"When someone asked for anything, I took only his word. I don't have time to see things from different angles, that's how I'm."

"Ok, what do think now?"

"Nothing more, only you want to go to town and and eat chicken."

"Ok, I don't want to go to town. I'm afraid my visa is not renewed. You're legal here."

"Then, go home and let me finish the sweater I'm knitting."

he started admiring me, you're this and that,...bla bla"

"Please stop it, the person who spoke about me to you misinformed you. Now we go to town or we part."

"NO. I remember there's a house for fish and chips behind your flat. let's go there."

We went, sat outside. he entered in after a while and said; " It's better to sit upstairs on the balcony, the restaurant is noisy."

There was only one couples, and it was not noisy. The place we're sitting in is a guest house. I stayed there when i came from home. Upstairs are only rooms with small tables and beds. i walked upstairs behind him. He carried the sodas he ordered for us. He sat outside the room, I took the other chair. after five minutes, he opened the room and sat on the bed. He invited me in.

"Why you need a bed to eat it fish?"

"No, nothing I need. I just want us to feel free and chat without any interruption."

"There was no interruption at all. I think I've to go."

He was tall, big and old. I'm small, very tiny and young, but had a heart. He jumped and held my hand tight, the room's door is widely opened. I told'm if he tried to lock it, he'll be in big trouble. He started preaching me. Modern people sleep with anyone they come across with. He boasted how civilized he was. I snatched my hand and wanted to go. His grip was firm, but he was afraid of the consequences. In my heart I prayed, I'd an experience at home and i skipped that one. I was sure, God was on my side.

"In fact i didn't see any of you in a church back home. Have you ever heard what the Pastor said? You can't be with your fiancee in a same room unless there's a third party with you BEFORE YOUR WEDDING. You're a Mr. Nobody, I saw you few weeks ago. I'm not a type of woman you're looking for."

"Oh, I thought you were very modern, i see that you're very backward. How will you manage to find a husband? You've to sleep with some men before...When we see everybody walks two , two on the way of life, we'll see you walking alone.Because you don't belong to this generation."

"Let me walk alone, good bye." I left him.

After two months stay in White House, my roommate's husband came drunk at 4:00 am. I'm a person 'early to bed and early to rise'. His wife is in deep sleep and also his three kids. I was awake. I went to their bedroom and told his wife her husband is knocking. She asked me to open for him. I opened the door. He was drunk and came with a friend like him. He started talking nonsense.

"Hey lady, if you're ready or not we are going to have sex with you." said the visitor.

I through what I had in my hand and jumped. I locked the shower room, and let the cold water run over my head. I was consumed with anger. The ugliness of those two guys, the breath of the alcohol, their disrespect drove me crazy. I came out of the shower, and put on a heavy jacket and left the apartment immediately. I've no where to go. The Ethiopians are...far. And who else could accept me in this time? our flat is large, I walked to the other corner of the same floor and stood there. My heart pounded like...I don't know. I felt very scared. I came back to the stairs and walked to the fourth floor, we lived on the second. I turned to the right corner and stood by the window of the Eritrian's house. In case the two drunken men followed me, I'd scream and the Eritrian will hear my voice and help me. That was my plan. Buy the guys went to the main entrance, they asked the guard. I didn't know Kiswahili. They left the compound, the had a torch and they flash every junction and searched. They kept walking to the main road. I left the compound at six. I cried at the house of the lady who contacted me with them. I told'er they're very cruel.

My two friends, A Zambian and American young men were very sad to hear the story. They were the one who introduced me to the lady who brought me to that flat. The American guy wanted to punch my Kenyan room mate by his nose. They advised me to stay there until they found for me another place. My two friends advised me to use anything to protect myself if he tries to behave like that again.

After a week the room mate came at 3:00am. This time he was alone and he was drunk. He drank a tank of bear. he knocked loudly, I ignored him. I didn't call his wife either. He knocked and knocked, the wife woke up. She opened for him and returned to her room. I used sleep in the sitting room, that's why I was facing the problems.

"Hey, lovely lady. How are you today? You're always awake."

How can I sleep since I've a room mate like you? I said in heart. He kept talking. I told him to stop talking like that. I kept a heavy metallic flat iron on my right. We started arguing, we raised our voices. The wife came. if it was Ethiopia, the action could be different. That was Kenya and it was different drama. I was expecting to see some action from the wife. She started begging him to go to their room, but he refused. he started telling her; "My wife, you're the mother of our children, but I love my visitor." He started calling me his visitor. I lost it. he sat by the door, he knew i'll run away like the other day. He blocked the door by his legs when I opened the door. I turned back and picked the flat iron.

"Before I smash your face with this let me get out of this room." I screamed at him.

The wife started crying. "She tried to pull him to their room, he was like a dead body and she couldn't do anything. She struggle to move his legs from blocking the way to me. I was screaming at him, he is yelling at her, he's stammering with his language which i didn't understand any word. Then the angry wife shouted at both of us.

"Hey Lily And Odiambo, I can't deal with two crazy persons at a time. You two both stop it. Lily put the iron and go back to bed, and you'll go where you want to go in the morning. I won't allow you to repeat it today. Please my husband, come to our bed." She cried.

The man was still opening his legs wide, sitting on a stool blocking my way out. I felt like the husband of my room mate was an animal. I threw the iron aside and jumped over his knee and left them. His wife was following me. This time I walked out of the White House apartment for good.






When I was young, there was a beautiful poster in our house with a wonderful quotation. It said;




"Go to your room, or else I'll call your wife and tell her what you're saying." I said.

"She won't mind, I want to sleep with you

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