Mimy and HER Fiancee

Lily Habesha
Posted June 21, 2017 from Ethiopia

Mimi is my best friend. We were play mates. Wherever i'm and wherever I traveled or she moves, we are close friends.

She heard that one of her close relative mate her husband online on year 2002. She asked me to show her how to open email account, and she started browsing. She meet her first man on Dream Mates.

Her man was from Canada. She thinks she'll meet the best of the husbands there. The man calls himself Mr. Clean Cut. Mimi was going to live her dream. The first online date of Mimy told her he likes her big eyes, but he has another woman from Latin America. Unless she cancelled her trip to America, he won't marry Mimy. She meet Mr Clean Cut after the guy from Minnesota broke her heart. he was a double dealer.

Mimy was very happy to meet the Canadian engineer. He hid some secret, he had a child and he was on process of divorce from another Asian lady.

Mimy didn't like the story of being a step mother and marrying a divorced guy. But the guy chats her morning and evening, on email, messenger, phone. She gave in.

The guy flew to see her. He came all the way to East Africa because he loves her.

She was in love madly with him. The day he came I went to the airport s with her, and also a close friend of her. He refused to take picture. When she gave'm a hug he was a kind of ...

I was suspicious of him. She brought him to the hotel where she get him booked. We all went to our places. When we went to see him in the morning, Mimiy's friend was there earlier. Mimy's friend followed her to every place they went.

Mr Clean cut left after ten days. Mimy's kenyan friend asked Mimy; " Did you guys sleep together even for a single night?"

"No. What for?" replied Mimy.

Her Kenyan Friend smiled. Mr Clean Cut disappeared. We heard from Her after five months that he email her. She grew thinner.

After three years she traveled to Uganda. Mimy meet her Kenyan friend there. her friend who followed Mr. Clean Cut grow a big mama. She asked her how come she changed like that in few years.

"I got married to an American guy, his name ....I've a son with him his name is Liar. My parents in law lives in Vancover. May be i travel someday there."

Mimy said, when she mention Vancover, that hits me. She went to her friend's place and visit the baby who was 7 days old. The baby resemble to Mr. Clean Cut and she came home furious. She traveled for four days.

She email the guy. " I saw your bastard there in Kampala. and more..."

The guy keeps hiding.

After three years he came back and ...tried to fix things. Mimy closed her door. He married a lat from Trinidad and Tobago, got another baby boy. He keeps complaining about his wife to Mimy.

The wife post her baby boy's picture. Mimy's friend post her son's picture. Anytime He asked Mimy to come and visit Ethiopia, she gave excuse and ...never allowed him to. he cancelled his flights and hotel reservations many times. he invite her where he lives , she turned him down.

One day, he calls her and mention a kid's name. She know he has a big son from a Filipino woman and the new born. He said..." Liar had...."

Then she knew it. Her friend lied to her and Mr Clean cut. She got that boy, inviting him to Kenya or wherever the hell...she had that ten year old boy from Mr Clean Cut.

Mimy download the picture and sent him. he disappeared and came back to her after a month. She offered a farewell to Mr Clean cut and his friendship.

When Mr Clean Cut hide away, she mate one guy from Scotland.

The guy who send her money after two day's chat. He told her, I'll send you invite next month. "Buy BURKA, a gown the muslims are covering their body and their face. I don't want anybody to see your face and body." said Mr jack

"Are you serious?" Asked Mimy.

"Yes, I'm serious. There might be a chance of going to school or work. I may not be with you. So, I don't allow anybody how beautiful you are."

"If you say so, I'll."

Jack keeps changing his ID and email her. he keeps changing his profession, identity and nationality. he really disturbed her and insulted her on his emails.

She had to dump him.

Mimy forgets all her online dates and ...decide not to see a man. they really wasted her time. He wasted her precious three years.

After jack a German Jewish medical Doctor meet Mimy online.

His emails were fun to me.

" I came to train to some medical school in Nurenburg. Three German Girls fought over me. They were saying " I"m the one to sleep with him""

His other email. " I'd serious conversation with my big bro. My dad left me a watch, costs 50, 000 British pound. The Big bro from Tel Aviv asked me for it. If I don't give him, he 'll have me killed and take it. I reported him to Scotland Yard and he'll not allowed to enter UK."

"I'll arrive in Addis, 1st of May."

He had never been there.

He was a nonsense to her, but a fun channel for me.

When they meet he was Juwish. After a year he was Muslim.

He come s and goes like Mr Clean Cut.

At the end he was Christian. As for me, he is one crazy guy from UK, a drug addict ...most probably.

Clean Cut was proposing to marry her untill end of 2016.

"If a man divorce once, he'll do it twice." Mimy said.

Clean Cut had many women in his life, but she lives without...but she never calls herself Clean Cut.

She knows who she is, and she's busy with her life. Men are not in her list.

I wrote my Book My Online Dates, from her experience and other young girl's.


It's my book, published in America on year 2012, March.

This story was submitted in response to Online Harassment.

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Jill Langhus
Jun 22, 2017
Jun 22, 2017

Hi Lily. Thanks for sharing your story about Mimi's adventures in dating. She's very persistent:) I would've given up long before that. Too bad she doesn't look for someone who will treat her well and respect her.

Lily Habesha
Jun 29, 2017
Jun 29, 2017

Hey Jill,

When internet is good, Icome to write or to read stories and comment, you're always there.

Thank you so much.

Mimy decided that, she'll never look for anyone ...Online....And ...and she'll never eversee a caucasian. But, people are different. Anyways, she's doing well, Hope she will meet someone...

Thank you

Jill Langhus
Jun 29, 2017
Jun 29, 2017

Hey Lily:) You're very welcome:-) Oh, good. Sounds great. I hope she will not only meet someone, but someone great, who loves, honors, and respects her:-)

Francisca Robles
Jun 30, 2017
Jun 30, 2017

Hi Lily, interesting story! I have allways felt that is so dangerous to have online dates because you cannot be sure of how honest is the person that you are talking to. I am glad that Mimi is safe and focused on her own life. I hope she can be happy by herself and also maybe she is gonna be able to find love with someone near her, someone that be able to really know her and respect her, without lies!  

Sophie Ngassa
Jul 02, 2017
Jul 02, 2017

Hello Lily, Thanks for sharing your friends story. I happy that her story inspired you to write a book that will help my many other women who want to engage in online dating.Mimi was really unlucky in her adventure, but I have heard of some women who succeed in getting partners online.

Carolyn Seaman
Jul 10, 2017
Jul 10, 2017

Hi Lily,

Thank you for sharing an interesting story that touches on a subject that is not popularly discussed. Online dating is a reality that presents both positive and negative results. And it is important to discuss these realities so that more women are enlightened to get the most from their experiences.


May 05, 2018
May 05, 2018

Really the adventure into love is nothing to be measured. some people are just like Mimi and others can be patiently waiting to meet the right man while others will just rush into relationships without a second thought. Thank you for sharing. Different strokes for different people