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Lily Habesha
Posted November 29, 2017 from Ethiopia
This book...insipires you
My Online date from Germany was a 65 years old German. He introduced himself to me as a young man first. One day, he asked me if I can see him on his webcam. I agreed to ... I saw a very old man with bushy chest on the cam, .... Why he is dating me, Unless he wants to adopt me as a grand daughter....

Most of the campaign I’ve done about World Pulse is, to use internet for the best purpose.

Internet made the world, a same village. Sitting in my house by a click of a mouse; I can get scholarship, internship, friendship, job opportunity, business partner…etc.

If I don’t use it properly

If I don’t use it for a good reason

If browse internet to cheat others

If I through my life to a stranger I meet on the internet

If I waste my time and money to show what I wear today

Or to show where I spend the weekend every time…

I’ll end up with chaos, most probably.

Women shared their stories, how their lives are ruined by their online men. men, lost their money, or completely destroyed by internet scammers. Some of us wasted our precious time for online friends who greatly disappointed us.

That’s why I advice people first to use internet for a good reason.

Olutosin, changes trash in to treasure. THANKS TO FB.


Today, I’m here to promote my book My Online Dates

World pulse is a plat form where women join forces strive…and achieve their dream. I wrote published this book on Mar. 2012.

I saw little boys in the internet café watching porno websites, and the café was at the gate of a church. That was a shock for me.

I was tutoring a girl, who was in class ten. She was advised by her…to date foreigners and was told that was the height of success. She was bought a desktop computer, and rent land line internet. She met hundreds of men, that can ruin her lives. She hid from me and all her friends, but attached to her advisor. I tried my best to save her life, but she avoided me. She ended up a street girl. Drinking, earning money every night, buying the clothes she never affords before made her feel rich. To listen to me was foolishness, and became a poor girl with cheap outfit.

I had to write this book. This problem is not my countries problem, but the whole world issue. I wrote it in English. I published it in America, so that I can save at least few lives who come across with my book. However the publisher didn’t edit it,

-but the message can help the youth and every parent who is internet addict

- protect the youth from trusting unknown online dates

- alerts everyone to use it for good purpose

Let say, we all have gun. If we go to a forest or a bush for hunting, where we are allowed to kill antelope, gazelle, and some species who are abundantly found on earth, is ok.

But, if we use the gun to kill a friend we envy of her, is not ok.

Let me tell you one true story. Some couples in their late forties, used their laptop to watch pornography every weekend and evening. The couples leave their two teenagers in the sitting room. Children went to parent’s room to ask, to chat,…every time. The couples rush to shut down pc. Kids had questions.

One evening, some urgent phone call sent the couples out of home. Computer was not switched off. The two young teens who have no clue about reproduction system, sat and watched the pornographic website. Both get aroused, they had intercourse. They like it. They kept doing it for about ten months. They were boy and girl. The girl’s body show changes. Parent asked her if she had a boy friend. When the answer was no, they asked her if she was raped or by any means some man touched her outside of the house.

The girl was taken to a clinic for pregnancy test, and the result was positive.

The angry parent sat down and asked the girl who makes you pregnant, if you don’t have a boyfriend and if you are not raped? Tell us who slept with you and makes you pregnant.

When the girl told the story, parents had no word.

When she told them how they started it, father went crazy. He became mentally ill, and now sleeps on the road. Family scattered in four directions.

Nowadays, all our children have got mobile phones. They know how to use it more that their parents. They can do wonders if they use it properly. And they can be nobody if they are not smart.

I am writing more two books about these issues. All the stories in my book about the online dates conversation is true, except their ID.

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leila Kigha
Apr 06, 2018
Apr 06, 2018

Hiya Lily
That’s a serious problem there. I can’t imagine what damage it is caused our youths. Wrong indoctrination by the media without control.
Am glad you took the time to write a book on this. I pray the book will be a source of inspiration to us all.

Lily Habesha
Jun 14, 2018
Jun 14, 2018

Hello Leila,
Good to hear from you my dear. yes, it's a kind misinformation for the youth.
They are told, internet brought the world together, that is true. They youth want to know or learn new things everyday. When they have little money for internet they run and ...browse. There are website, that can ruin their lives, as many of them can take them to places.

Thank you.