There are a lot of Good people and beauty In this world., but we are acting as if....there is no...

Lily Habesha
Posted January 20, 2018 from Ethiopia
When we plan ...think of her
people in power," think of the innocent child before you go to war."

Ushering Peace

We started a Peace and Organic living here at home. I fill different since we started this group meeting.

Life is getting crazier everyday in around

everyone. I meet the founder of Peace and Green Initiative for Africa at the Hamlin Fistula Hospital rehab where we both invited for graduation. Everywhere I go, I introduce myself as WP agent. The person can be a journalist, medical doctor, business person, a high school student or a maid, next to my name I speak about World Pulse. The following Sunday, the guy invited me for a meeting at Sheraton Hotel. He also asked me to bring some friends along with me, and the friends who’ll be invited should have a good heart, people who likes to help others, or enjoy sharing what they have.

We meet at four o’clock in the afternoon. I introduced myself after all the attendants. Gash Tamiru asked me to tell them about World Pulse. The first meeting was successful. People have been doing such an awesome job to live for others. We made it our business to meet at Sheraton Hotel every Sunday at 4:00 pm. I keep inviting more people. The women are always there and contribute the most useful ideas. Their experiences are unbelievable. We invited many guys, but keep disappearing. I can say, they are not committed as the women. I told all the guys the news of WP and asked them to tell about WP to their sisters, wives and female friends or realatives.

“Leave men above 40, empower

women and children.”

The PIGA founder wrote and posted on his FB page. I share that post for many WP sisters and they were surprised.

Alemlework, the member of WP has too many untold stories. I don’t know why she doesn’t share them on WP page. She works with cancer patients, volunteers to HIV positive women, And also help prostitutes. She is working on prevention. She adopted three children, and pays school fees, and rent and feed them. She has her own two children and she is helping others. When I told you this, you might think Amelework is a very rich woman. She is not rich, she doesn’t have a big house, but she has a big heart. She has a very generous heart. She has a single bedroom condo and she lives with her two children.

I know many people, who call me “my friend.” They have three or four story houses, big cars, lots of money; they have one or two children or no child. They don’t have time for others, let alone to share their homes. They don’t even give their old clothes to the needy. They are busy around their house, they don’t have peace, they don’t have rest, they don’t have satisfaction. They can call me in the middle of the night and tell me they can’t sleep. They don’t want any visitor, they don’t want to see their old school mates or playmates. They lose their temper easily, they are suspicious of others….they are in some kind of situation which I can’t explain.

Sonia has a small industry and working on women empowerment. She produces pure cotton ladies under wares. She has a house with a beautiful flower garden. The trees, the grass and all the flowers you see around her house can sooth you. She is working hard to clean her neighborhood. She knocks all the gate and telling everyone to clean outside. She chases away the guys who are trying to make the places dirty in her area. When she drives in town, she gives lesson to any driver who comes across with her. Recently, she chased a guy from a construction site who tried to urinate in front of her gate with a stick.

Segen, is a young architect and working with juvenile. There is a place to correct some disobedient children, she is trying to bring an impact. If we plant good seed on the young people’s mind, we can avoid crime.

Beletshachew ( Director of Hamlin Rehab/ Yedesta Mender) has a feeding centre with her husband. She doesn’t want to hear celebrity stories while women are suffering from fistula, women are dying in labor ward, when people are starved, when our brothers and sisters are bombed somewhere else,...etc. She doesn’t like what the media is feeding her.

We discuss all our ideas and decided to have a media which is inviting everybody from around the globe to start living a Peaceful and Organic life.

Amelework, Sonia and PIGA founder Gash Tamiru are WP members. I’m so proud to introduce WP to these three incredible people.

Gashe Tamiru always speaks about “Breathing and Praising”. We breathe clean air where there is peace. He is everywhere to make peace between neighbors, business partners ...etc. How lucky! My mom was like him.

“If we don’t have inner peace, how can we make peace among others?”

What makes people fight? What makes people kill each other? What makes people hate each other? What makes people robe others property?

All of us can have different answers according to our point of views.





our endless need,


me, me only…

need to be superior than others…etc.

We humans will never satisfy even if we own the whole world. I’m so grateful to my God for the life I have. I live very simple life. I have a cloth to ware, food to eat and clean water to drink for a day, and a place to sleep at night. I’ve just a studio, outside of Addis. No TV, or CD player, no shelf for wine or no bottle of drink exists in my house. A small plastic shelf in the kitchen, carries some onions, tomatoes, garlic and green chilies. If I go to my parents’ house or I travel you’ll find nothing on it. I have book shelves, I put books, files…

I have four stools and one chair and a table where I put my sewing machine. I made my painting from leather on this table after removing the machine. My yarns for knitting are on the book shelf. My fabrics to make dresses are in the suit case. New buttons, ribbons, beads and needles are in some bottle. I have six mugs and two cups, two cooking pots, seven plates, forks and spoons. I don’t have a car. My friends are driving a car that costs millions (in ET Birr). They also park one or two more cars in their compounds. I don’t know why they call me a friend or introduce me to others as their friends. We have nothing in common.

© I smile from morning to evening.

©I sing all day long.

© I work with people in peace.

©I share everything I have.

© I live my job and cross the town to be there for someone.

© I will be there for someone even if I’m sick.

© I don’t worry for tomorrow if I don’t have a penny.

©I don’t feel bad when a friend turns his back.

© I don’t mind when close relatives is so mean to me.

© I choose to spend time with kids. I enjoy being with them.

Do you know why? Children say what is in their mind. They don’t pretend and they don’t lie. They don’t plan evil. They don’t talk behind you. Everything about children is fun. We might think they are foolish, but if you open your eyes and see them closely and hear what they talk, you’ll be amazed.

We were all children. We were all innocent. We were all clean minded people when we were born. Who plant all these evil ides among us? What is the reason of all these destruction? Why do we produce a war weapon? Why is one country invading another one? Why a country’s leader is favoring some tribes from his nation and tries to destroy some of the other tribes? Why we hate some people and why we love others? Why we hire people in our companies from same religion or same region and push others? Every human being is our flesh and blood.

We are all humans with brains. We came from Mother Earth and we will go back to Mother Earth. We are all soils from the earth. We are breathing now, because the creator shared us His breath. When he takes back His breathe from us, we’ll change to be a soil again.

We are here to plow the land, to farm, plant trees and flowers then enjoy nature’s gift until we give our last breathe. Nowadays, we are cutting trees for different purposes. We are producing war weapons to show others we are superior than everyone. One country is robbing another nation. Some nation is bombing another small country from far away. Employers are raping their maids. Maids are being killed by employers. Employees are robbing their employers, thinking that they made wealth by robbing others. Slave trade is happening in different forms. Girls are being seized and forced to prostitution. Elderly people are driven out of their houses they built in their youth hood. It seems like, no one is respecting anyone. We are losing our traditions. We are forgetting our manners. Who is going to be a good example for the new generation?

The whole world is participating in some kind of scary drama. Who gave us the script to study it and act it?

But , I can see a light. Everybody wants peace. All of us want our younger siblings to live a happy life. But we all need to work towards the peaceful life.

  • We have to admit we are not different(humans)
  • We all need peace
  • We all know war is ugly
  • We want to smile and enjoy life the fullest
  • We have enough land to plow, minerals and mines to use
  • Our oceans, Sea, rivers have enough water. And if not, the glaciers are melting and joining them. our lakes have enough fishes to feed us
  • Our lands are fertile and give us much grains
  • Our world is not small for us to live in

I wonder why we are fighting. Since I was born I hear only war news.

WARS BETWEEN: Iran and Iraq, Lebanon’s civil war, Ethiopia with Sudan, Somalia, Eritrean Liberation.., Uganda and the rebels, Congo, Zimbabwe fighting for freedom, Seralion civil war? I don’t remember it all. Then ALQUAIDA, Now Alshebab , Bokoharam, ISIS, ..etc. Cameroon is not in peace, Anglophone and francophone; here at home tribal issue is happening. In Kenya, same story is going. Police brutality makes things worse. In Cameroon they shoot children. In Kenya, they attack woman who is carrying an infant. What is this? At home, where there is chaos around stadium like last week, police hit and seize anyone who is walking by. Innocent people will be bitten and get arrested. You must be lucky if you lived in a peaceful world. All our history books are about war, and how our fathers fought each other or with our enemies from another country.

A war is just a war, it doesn’t matter with whom do you fight? We are killing our own brothers and sisters.

Humans are killing humans.

Animals attack in groups different animals.

  • Lion kills antelope
  • Hyena kills donkey
  • Cat kills rat
  • Spider kills….and eat…food chain.

Why are we destroying people with our own images?

If we know that what we have is enough for us for today, we could be happy. We are not guaranteed we will live tomorrow. And if we learn that sharing makes us more happier, we’d share. If we were inspired as “A giver is blessed than a receiver” we’ll always give.

I always forgive and forget, because I need forgiveness from my creator every minute.

If I’ve inner peace or make peace with myself, I know I will give peace for people next door.

My neighbor, the most screamer women, a mother of four children always says to me: “We don’t even know, if you are in door or out. Your house is quite and you are calm.

Let us make peace with ourselves, then extend our peace to others.

Peace is not bought by money, power or by any material possession. We can live in peace when we know why we are here, where we do come from and where we’ll go after life. When we are enlightened, life becomes very simple. Let alone to snatch somebody’s property, we’ll give what we have to others without any pain. Then we’ll enjoy the real happiness.

We are born naked, and we’ll leave

with no penny in our hands.

There is nothing which we create in this world, but all is given to us free. Land, water, plants, air, animals, are given to us freely. But, we are refusing to manage properly what we are given for free.

We know it all, “Easy come, easy go.”

‘Wacha Muchezo!!!!’ (Stop Jocking!!! I guess) Said my people from Kenya. IF I’m not correct, Kiswahili speakers Amoit Idewa…correct me please.

“May the Prince of Peace Reign all over the world.”

I’m asking all of my readers to start Peace and Organic living group everywhere in the WORLD.

There area lot of

Good people and beauty

In this world.

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Tamarack Verrall
Jan 20, 2018
Jan 20, 2018

Dear Lily,

What a beautiful and thought provoking piece of writing. I have gained much by getting to know you  through your writing, and this effort is epic. It is so encouraging to read about the good people surrounding you in Peace and Organic Living. We are working together toward global peace, and treating our planet with respect and care is so essential as well. I love the way you carry news of WorldPulse everywhere you go. Thank you for introducing Sonia, Segan, Beletshachew and Gash.

We are truly facing a form of madness that you have outlined so well, and it is through the connections that we are making through WorldPulse, Peace Organizations, Environmental movements that I hold out hope. Your honesty and openness in laying out your lifestyle, your commitment and your focus on children all create inspiration. I hope that in all you are doing, you feel all the like hearted strongly with you.

Big hug across the ocean,


Lily Habesha
Jan 20, 2018
Jan 20, 2018

Dear Tam,

It is a great pleasure to know you. I'm glad you heard me loud and clear. I am always questioning myself about our actions. When there is a conflict, they are women and children who'll be suffered, but they had never ever been the trouble maker or the reason of any war. Why are we always punished because of some people who are very hungry for fame, populism, or greed?

This a very sick. Those people who need the world set on fire are too few, the damage hurts most part of the world. This is so mean.

Let us do our part towards peace. I fill your hug, Tam. I'll pass your greetings to my Peace and Green team. We'll meet this afternoon at 4 pm , Sheraton Addis Hotel.

Thank you