I wonder what you'll do when you travel on business

Lily Habesha
Posted February 1, 2018 from Ethiopia
I choose women to lead families, schools, business , government offices and countries. I want our Queens of long time ago. Their wisdom and courage, is still keeping me walk up right.
What if...
What if...: what if somebody discuss to destroy your country while you are sleeping? why are you here if you are sleepy? Why are they here if they don't actively participate in the meeting? What if if you were ...? Why don't you give the power to the youth or awaken woman to lead? (1/1)

As a young girl, when they have a meeting ,I used to be happy for no reason. All the Ethiopian medias play different African Musics, TV shows different African music clips, and we hear a lot of stories from different African countries. That gave me some kind of good feeling for my African nation. I love Africa and African nation.

Last Sunday, there was AU Summit in Addis Ababa. I don't know how many times these leaders come to Ethiopia in a year. I go teach the youth one killo meter away from AU building. My church is located near AU building. The day, they have their meetings, it affects almost everyone who has business, business meetings, church, etc. I've to walk half of the road to the church, because taxis or any vehicle is not allowed to drive by that road when we've the summit. The roads by any hotel, where the African leader reserved is closed.

The check in in every hotel in Ethiopia is serious, but when they come, it gets extremely serious.

Like last Saturday, at Hilton Addis Ababa, the female fed police wanted to undress me on the entrance. She checked my two aunties, and the driver. I've got full chest and she hardly squeezed my breasts. She put her hands again and again inside my arm pit.


I told her she was disgusting and embarrassed me too bad. All the male feds laughed.

We have to suffer all these Yaky things to make sure those leaders will not be attacked.

I don't even have a nail cutter, why all this? My Auntie also complained.

next Sunday, I left my house at 7 am to escape from all this nonsense. I want to ride to Church, attend first service and teach the youth.

I was not lucky, roads had been closed. I walked half of the town to church.

Near the church, three feds were threatening one poor mentally challenged woman to use the short cut and disappear.

I was mad at them, but it's not good to deal with three feds carrying machine guns. I didn't want to put myself in trouble, before i do what I want to do for my people.

I asked myself; "What in the name of God this Africans leaders doing in this building, so that we pay all this?"

Latter in the day, one of the journalist I guess...released a good pictures of the AU summit attendant.

I laughed first, then anger ...then ...confirmed the results of the summit before they finish it.

I was at UNECA hall to attend GIMA last Sunday. I never saw a woman who slept in the hall. All women were awake, takes note, ask questions...

Even on the lunch breaks, women choir sings, tell jokes, business was conducted.

I read the comments below the pictures , but all are in Amharic. I wish I translate it and send it to all those sleepy guys in the AU hall.

I don't even know, which countries's leaders are they.

Malawi, Liberia...have women leaders. We've female ministers in Africa, i wonder what do you do when you travel for summits, conference and all.

I can't tell you the side of the story, because we know it all.

I'm tired of being harassed on the roads of Addis Ababa when we have foreign visitors. One day at lunch, one elderly women who retired from Ethiopian Airlines complained ; " When they come to our country, the citizen of Addis will be in a mess, but when our leaders go to any country no chaos will be there."

Why are we walking half of town?

Why are we canceling business meetings?

Why is our wedding programis disturbed because there is AU summit or something is going on here?

Last Sunday, Some wedding was having problems with feds, at the gate of St Urael's Church.

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Feb 01, 2018
Feb 01, 2018

Hi Lily. Thanks for sharing your story. I hear you on the dehumanization and humiliation of being frisked. I don't like it the few times that it's happened to me at the airport and that was probably a mild version of what you're talking about. I hope it improves for you there. How is your project going? How are you doing?

Feb 02, 2018
Feb 02, 2018

Our leaders attend these meetings to sleep, eat and waste our money. That should be enough, bit not enough, they must waste innocent citizens time and also humiliate them. Mchew.

Shofali Agarwal
Mar 02, 2018
Mar 02, 2018

Hi Lily,

It's too bad that for all the money being spent on these meetings, they wouldn't offer some privacy (i.e. a booth) to frisk females if they are going to be so thorough.  Maybe that can be recommended through the correct channels.  I hope things improve.

Colleen Abdoulah
Mar 11, 2018
Mar 11, 2018

I totally understand your frustration and appreciate what you are saying. I just read a very good book, albeit Fiction, but really hit home on this subject, called Home Fire.
I am sorry you felt humiliated like that. It is just another form of abuse of power by small minded people

Lily Habesha
Mar 12, 2018
Mar 12, 2018

Dear Colleen,
You said it all.

I don't really get these people.

Thank you