When like minded people unite, there will be a change

Lily Habesha
Posted May 9, 2018 from Ethiopia
Together, we are stronger!
Let us unite, speak humanity and act as human. We are all same, the dust of the Earth.

May 2nd'18 , I went to Bole Subcity just behind our International airport. There are good neigbors who built houses and lived there more than 25 years. I can't tell the number of houses and give specific data about the dwellers. They three green areas in the middle if their houses. They built a tennis and basket ball court in one of the places. They plant different trees and grass in a place where we met. I could see the second one infront of me, fenced with wire, cleaned and orotected. 

We met that morning to clean theur area from plastic bags and bottles.

Recently, some unknown people parked their cars around these green areas, they are having different activities in their cars, they urrinate, they throw thier plastic bottles, and some people through their dumpsters there. Many of them were not alerted, as long as their houses and compounds were clean.

The people who opened their eyes and saw a kind of danger is going to appear met and decide to protect these places.

I was invited by Peace and Green, went to clean there. 

Some university students, frezh graduates( all females) were there. They were from our peace and green team. Only one lady was there from the dwellers, Mrs Anissa, retired from University of commerce. She was wondering when I told her from where I come to help.

Proffsor, Doctor, little boys, young girls, young men were there to clean and do"seed bombing.'

Our friend Daniel show everyone how to make the seed bombing and give us one seed bomb each. We finish our morning with Ethiopian coffee cermony. Gash Tamiru invited one Ethiopian celebrity. He gave such a geeat speech. One of our brother Ato Samuel was a very active cordinator. The two guys and their effort made it happen.

We will meet again 5th of June to clean their area. God willing, we will hear such a great news from Bole Park through Ato/ Mr Samuel very soon.

This is such a great unity.

When we unite, we can stand.






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Jill Langhus
May 09, 2018
May 09, 2018

Hi Lily. Thanks for sharing your update. I love hearing about people cleaning up areas and taking care of all the beautiful places on our planet. Good to see you back:)

May 09, 2018
May 09, 2018

This is beautiful. Keeps our hearts and environment beautiful too.
Thanks so much for the update and for the great work.

Bettina Amendi
Mar 18, 2019
Mar 18, 2019

Yes please,the size does not matter but the spirit among the people.The unity and love works amazing things.

Usha K.C.
Mar 27, 2019
Mar 27, 2019

Hello Lily,
Yes, "When we unite, we can stand". Thank you for sharing this with us. keep sharing more .