This Is Your World..…

Lily Habesha
Posted September 18, 2020 from Ethiopia
Let us stop and think about women, children, our invironment and the current situation.

Girl From The Street



The street knows you well

We call you a street girl

The street doesn’t give birth to you

Who send you to the road or what pushes you?


I know you had parents before

What changes your residence and brought you here?

Life has dealt you a hard blow

And this community is mad at you as I saw


The same community brought you to the world

You were raped by your own race and dumped

When you’re pregnant with a child of your sibling

He was the first to ashamed you and gag


They called you names to isolate you in your hardest time

Then you walked out to face the world on this line

You live bitterly, mistreatment is your supper

Mean and unkind men bought you beer to make you stronger

Every morning you wake up with guilt and shame

They made you fill that you can’t have a dream

They always tell you are a curse for mother earth

But, they build a lustful road in you to fasten their own death




Mulatwa Mosisa




Love and Hate



I saw them strolling along the beach holding hand in hand

Sitting by lake clasping each other tight

Even the wind had no way to pass through their bond 

She was singing his name, and his tattoo was her title


They got married and sealed their love forever

Every young couple were envied of them

They were blessed with beautiful little children

Chasing after her I saw the young man


He holds a bottle in his hand, it might be a spray for his wife

I heard a sharp scream as he entered his house

Neighbors run to their house, and saw the young lady’s face

Splashed by strong acid, and her man disappeared

After he splattered the acid to destroy her face




Mulatwa Mosisa





Rocky Mountain Crusher



My human family I was born among them

They know how to crush Rocky Mountains and how a lion to tame

They learn how to fly higher; we constructed a road under waters;

The sea creatures became our families, we crossed the sea and oceans


We get along with our cats and dogs

We keep canaries to hear their sweetest songs

We never had battle with beasts in the bushes

We’ve been so sensible to live with them in peace


But we are dynamic working to kill our own images

We plot a war to wipe out nation who are same with us

We have no patience to discuss our conflicts sitting together

It just makes us ill when there is complain from our brother


Where is the persistence that tame a lion

To settle divergences with a same person like mine

Why we pick a gun when we disagree? 

Where is our great knowledge and wisdom? ... I’m so sorry.


Mulatwa Mosisa






My Days



I started school on those days 

When people had vegetables

Red plum and peach trees in their compounds

They had green place for kids to play

I walked between the trees from school to home

With my younger brother

Heard the sounds of the wings

Of falcons slapping the branches

The birds were chirping here and there

Crossed many grassy fields

Admired the old houses and the architecture

The fervor of civilization

Demolished the houses with passion

Fruits, vegetables and trees

All creatures inhabited the trees

Migrated to nowhere

God only knows where

But I’m so scared

My city has been changed to desert

Our eyes can see only sand and cement

We are sniffing or inhaling dust

While we’re coughing we spit sawdust

We’ve changed the climate



Mulatwa Mosisa








The sweetest smell of roses

Or the smiling faces of kids

The coherent sky above us

Or the echo of the water falls

What is a beauty for you?


Is it the chains of mountains and hills,

Or the green field and the moors?

The power of horses, the tall young man who rides on their back

Is the slender young girl in her youth or the wisdom of her grandmother?

What is beauty for us?


The innocent of childhood or the games of politics

Pride, cruelty and meanness or gentleness with tenderness

Showing off and bullying or soft spoken and humble

A girl with a long hair or a man with bald head


The fierce battle between mankind and victory 

Or the love and compassion among human race

I see a beauty in you, when you act human

Speak as human and dream sweet for your entire tribe



Mulatwa Mosisa








Darkness scares many

It covers evil activities only

But it is empty and powerless 

When the morning sun arise 


What the darkness covers those evil plans

The day light uncovers

Darkness deceives his own friend 

So that, on it… no one will depend 


If you robe a house of your buddy

If you kill a person you call him enemy

Darkness will help you to do it

But in the morning, you’ll be caught

It will come out in the day light


Walk in the light

Keep doing right

Before you sleep, you should know your fate

Know your destiny, don’t walk as lame feet



Mulatwa Mosisa






This Is Your World


I see a toddler on a cart

Someone is pushing her wherever he wants

She discovers her left and right

Suddenly the wind blows the dust


She covers her eyes and cries

Holds her eyes with her tiny hands

The pusher of the cart was blind, deaf and mute 

He was not able to help or protect


What a fate! For a little innocent girl

The wind gets harder and the cart twirls

She was guided by a person who’s disabled 

If she gets in trouble, will he be responsible?


O little girl!!! This is your world

For your right you can’t stand

But this case should be reviewed 

On which court this man will be judged?

God only knows




Mulatwa Mosisa





















This story was submitted in response to From Poetry to Paintings .

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Nini Mappo
Sep 18, 2020
Sep 18, 2020

Hello Lily,
I enjoyed reading your poems discussing diverse issues in community. Your poem on GBV reminded me of the tales of those acid burns, and how much they happened in my country :/
The ones about the abuse and neglect of the street child, and the helplessness of the toddler were very touching.
I like what you say that the streets give birth to no one, which is a cal to the community to nourish and care for each of its members without branding them with titles that absolve the community of responsibility, like street child for example.
Thank you for sharing and speaking on these matters.
Stay safe :)

Lily Habesha
Sep 18, 2020
Sep 18, 2020

Good morning Nini,
Habari ya subui( don't laugh at my perfect kiswahili )
I had visited Kenya and love your country. The thing I love most are the cute children and your small markets near every estates.
I never knew about the acid attacks there, but happens in India often. In my country, I heard about only two cases. The titles about the neglected children and others, we should think about it seriously. How many things should devide us? Race, tribe, color, religion, living standard...oh! I want the world to know that: "We're made from earth and will go back to be a dust. Until then, why should tha see every human being is equal. No titles needed to belittle the other."
You should raise your voice on behalf of the voiceless. I've a poem about "Street Child"...if we call them homeless is at least...better.
Assante wanna

Isata Kabia
Sep 18, 2020
Sep 18, 2020

Hello Lily. Thank you for sharing this very personal and insightful anthology. I think we should ask World Pulse, when do we go to press? This great work should be published. So poignant in the way it paints the imagery for each poem. I was drawn into the various stories you narrated. ‘My Days’ reminded me of my childhood and walking to school, and feeling like the whole world belonged to me, including the beautiful hibiscus of a certain yard I picked every December when we had to take flowers to school for some special holiday. I still don’t know whose yard that was but I remember how special I felt. This is a beautiful collection.

Lily Habesha
Sep 18, 2020
Sep 18, 2020

Hello dear Isata,
Thank you for reading my poems and time to give comments. Our childhood was good. We use to take flowers from diffrent compound through fences and planted them in pots. We cut flowers and carry home from the road and churches. Now, the green fields are covered with buildings. No tree, no wild flowers, no green fields....and we cry about climate change.
Our world is in a big mess. Covid-19, locust, floods, wild fires,...etc. There is a lot to say about our time.
Thank you for your encouragement

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Sep 22, 2020
Sep 22, 2020

Hello, Lily,

Wow! You wrote your poetry in one post here. You've been busy writing. Great job on creating these to spark awareness, dear. You've been through so much in life that you are able to tell stories through art. Great job, dear!

Lily Habesha
Dec 09, 2020
Dec 09, 2020

Dear Karen,
Sorry for the delayed reply. Thank you so much for reading my poem and encouraging comment.

You are always there for me.


Dec 09, 2020
Dec 09, 2020

My dear Lily,
What great and poignant poetry!!
I was touched by the many aspect of Ethiopian/Eritrean society that depict the real human condition in several African countries and other developping societies of the world.
Yours is not just beautiful poetry, but it is an extremely incisive analysis societal issues: the hard blows of life, the cruelty of society towards its own children, the rape of innocent kids who are impregnated, despised, disowned and then throw to the dogs-the street-where they suffer incredible emotional and moral injuries, the conflict, the hatred, the hope of light after darkness, and the call for judgement in the hope that evil deeds will be corrected and the rights of victims perhaps restored.
There is so much power in your voice and pen Lily. I would encourage you to get this anthology published so that it can be available to a wider audience. Keep writing. Keep us nourished by your words of great insight. More power to you.

Lily Habesha
Dec 09, 2020
Dec 09, 2020

Dear Kabahenda,
Thank you for the time you spend to read and comment about my poems.
This is what we see around. What can you write, apart from the pain you ecperience, sad stories you come accross, the very odd situations you face in your life or in your neighbors,...there're more untold stories. This is our daily life. Unless things are improved right now, if we don't do corrections around the errors that are visible boldly, we're giving the scariest world ever to the next generation.

I said, Amen for your blessings.
I publish poems with Poets Unite Worldwide/13 poem books- with poets from around the globe/ However I don't earn a dime from it, I'm working at it.

Thank you dear sister,