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Need for Publisher or sponsor to publish my book

Lily Habesha
Posted December 27, 2016 from Ethiopia
Expired on February 24, 2017
I wrote a book about women with fistula five years ago. i want a help to publish it.

Fistula is a problem which is caused by prolonged labor. The out come of early marriage, which stigmatized the young girls, which gives them disabilities , nerve problem and isolate them from their community.

Please help me get it published and we fight for the young girls together.

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Anyone, who has a publishing company, any one who can lend a hand to publish this book is mostly welcomed.

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Dec 29, 2016
Dec 29, 2016

Looking out there for small grant to implement program activities to address girls issues for HIV prevention and teen age pregnancy in our communities.

Lily Habesha
Dec 30, 2016
Dec 30, 2016

Dear Queenie,

Thank you for the comment. Fistula is worse than HIV, pregnancy and others. But many of us have no clue about it. If you see the young girls and all the women who suffer from it, you'd have also a program to support them. i plan to train them, making leather beads, leather bags, dress making, that they can make little money and support themselves. Hopefully, I'll start my class early January. I've already provided the materials I need such as leather, fabrics, treads, etc.

God willing, I'll be successful. If I got support to publish this book and sell it, that'll help me to expand my support to them. I might be able to ride in the countryside and collect others and get help.

Thank you Queenie, you've such a lovely name


Drew Arenth
Sep 16, 2017
Sep 16, 2017

Mulatwa, I thank you for your stories and agree about the devastating impact of Fistula.  I support One by One, an organization based in Seattle, WA that is fighting Obstetric Fistula in East Africa.  We are with you. I hope you have been successful in your work and I will keep you in my thoughts.