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Help A young boy with diabetic

Lily Habesha
Posted February 24, 2018 from Ethiopia
Expired on April 24, 2018
Estifanos with orange shirt
He is a 20 years old guy with a great heart. he volunteers when he has little time to help other patients with diabetic. he wants to educate himself and want to be somebody. help him to live his dream.

Estifanos was a street child, he doesn't know where he was born, but he found himself on the streets. Thieves used him to stole from people's pocket, he had been used by many ...he slept on road, he sniffed kerosene, gum and prevent hunger. he was found by Ethiopian Diabetic Association and helped to get medication. he's using insulin and he's having dialysis. Now, he's referred to go to Canada to get medication, but he works in small store, owner feed him and let him sleep there. Please help him to raise a fund. Ticket estimated 2000$.

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Feb 28, 2018
Feb 28, 2018

I truly wish that I could solve every problem. I pray that he receives every needed support. Amen