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Bringing A Change In My Parents Villages

What I'm Leading

I have ideas I want to utilize as a business woman. Designing, dress making, embroidering, knitting, beading, leather producing and writing are my job or talents. There are a lot of women who don’t know how to do any of these things. I used to share it when I was young to all the girls who used to sit and chat in our house. I am willing to share to any woman who is interested in making things today as well.

I plan to locate networks of donors, loaners, and supporters online and share my business plan to them. I also want to open a centre to train women in different skills. There are a lot of young women who want to go to college but have nobody to pay the school fee. I want those girls to be sent to higher education and live their dream.

Who I'm Impacting

Youth in Ethiopia, encouraging and empowering them to be the woman they want to be.

How to Get Involved

My Updates

Tree planting, Removing Plstik bags and plastic bottles May 18, 2018 Introducing WP on Abay Radio and FANA Kelomoch LIVE TV show Feb 20, 2018 Planing to start Our own Media Jan 26, 2018 Introducing WP for the participants of GIMAC Jan 21, 2018 Empowering the less fortunate children in ART..Addis Ababa Jan 20, 2018 Men are happy to hear and Join World Pulse Dec 28, 2017 Mentoring Ethiopian Children , Dec 27, 2017 Next Thursday...we'll be in the village Dec 13, 2017 Introducing WP Dec 06, 2017 Walking for people live with dibetis Nov 28, 2017 Peace and Green Initiative for Africs Nov 07, 2017 Meet my daughter...from Cuba...I brought to WP this morning Nov 02, 2017 Introduced WP to A Cuban woman on fb Nov 02, 2017 Visiting Yedesta Mender(Villageof Happiness) Nov 01, 2017 Introducing World Pulse to My Sunday School Students Oct 30, 2017 Digital Empowerment With Live Addis Oct 24, 2017 Introducing World Pulse at the AIR PORT Oct 24, 2017 Girls from Town of Kisumu Oct 15, 2017 DIgital Empowerment Oct 15, 2017 Helping women hired and trained Sep 15, 2017 Youth!LogOn Aug 26, 2017 Helping Women how to use their WP account Aug 05, 2017 Training the children how to paint next door Aug 04, 2017 Training neighbors in making things Aug 01, 2017 Sharing the NEws of WOrld Pulse in the INERNET CAFE Jul 28, 2017 Reintroducing World Pulse Jul 26, 2017 I Introduced WP to 16 women this morning! Jul 25, 2017 Village ...the river is over flowing Jul 11, 2017 INTRODUCING WORLD PULSE Jun 21, 2017 INTRODUCING WORLD PULSE Jun 21, 2017 We need to reach where you already reached Jun 08, 2017 My plan to reach village people May 25, 2017


About Me

I'm a writer, designer, sunday school teacher for the youth, member of Ethiopian Women Writer's association.

I published a book on year 2012. I wrote for local news paper(Ethiopian Herald) for months. I post poems on poem hunters and on Yahoo! Voices until it closes down. 'My Online Dates' is a book that I wrote for young girls who're being cheated by their online dates. I want everyone to use internet for good purpose. However I don't earn a dime from it, my book is displayed on Amazon, Barns and noble, kindle and on my publisher's website with good price. (Book published 2012 in, Idiana, USA)I've two more books, "I Won't Let'er Die" based on an early marriage and its damage(FISTULA). And the other about women refugees....I didn't go to a literature school, but I'm glad I give a book to the world. But the world should read it. My parents were good readers, and all family members are readers.

My Vision

I want to see all child girls to go to school, and parents should give the chance to educate their children equally. GirlsRnotmaids


Books, computers, sewing machine, digital tools, finance, Trainings, volunteers, more training, counseling, encouragement, guidance,


I'm self literate, dressmaking, home decor, jewelery, leather bags, sales expert, writer,teacher, poet, painter, motivated speaker, adviser


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