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About Me

I'm a writer, designer, sunday school teacher for the youth, member of Ethiopian Women Writer's association.

I published a book on year 2012. I wrote for local news paper(Ethiopian Herald) for months. I post poems on poem hunters and on Yahoo! Voices until it closes down. 'My Online Dates' is a book that I wrote for young girls who're being cheated by their online dates. I want everyone to use internet for good purpose. However I don't earn a dime from it, my book is displayed on Amazon, Barns and noble, kindle and on my publisher's website with good price. (Book published 2012 in, Idiana, USA)I've two more books, "I Won't Let'er Die" based on an early marriage and its damage(FISTULA). And the other about women refugees....I didn't go to a literature school, but I'm glad I give a book to the world. But the world should read it. My parents were good readers, and all family members are readers.

My Vision

I want to see all child girls to go to school, and parents should give the chance to educate their children equally. GirlsRnotmaids


Books, computers, sewing machine, digital tools, finance, Trainings, volunteers, more training, counseling, encouragement, guidance,


I'm self literate, dressmaking, home decor, jewelery, leather bags, sales expert, writer,teacher, poet, painter, motivated speaker, adviser


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