Tyrannical Ruler

Posted September 19, 2020 from United Kingdom


"Whatever they threw out there has hurled it's return" Jessica listened to the media's reports. She shivered "hospitals are seeing a large portion of patients with COVID-19, some needing specialist care and incubation, keeping the distance outlined with regular hand sanitizer in-between washing" is no welcome treat.  Putting her notebook down, sneezing "perhaps historical events are being repeated with twilight zones, twists of nostalgia to nemisis?" A charcoal vapour in the air left a smoggy atmosphere "Britain's under attack!" she read "a shrouded history, culture may bring togetherness."

The World Health Organisation declared 'Global Pandmonia' "restrictions apply 'its lockdown for us' avoid non essential travel and close contact outside with others" professed world leaders "will there be enough food to share?" 

Doubt set in "nobody will be consuming KFC 'Bargain Buckets' and 'American Style 'Quarter Pounders' from McDonald's until this epidemic clears up! remarking "house dance is a good stress buster" turning to YouTube to bring relief..her mind shifted.

"Someone's reversing fate, there's something lurking behind" the PM's letter arrived "you may only leave the house for limited purposes such as food and medicine, exercising once a day and seek medical attention" was no welcome treat! 

"Jessica was used to living in an atmosphere with drama and where fear reigns.  She read 'Global Warming Threatens Thermoregulation' people's chest's are heavy. She pondered if it moved death in the air from Russia, China or Germany?"

The issue taking center world stage was seen in the 1930's and several decades later when the first human coronavirus was spot in the 1960's.

Letting go of fear isn't on the cards, either 

Rage had broke out in stores, bulk buying emptied shelves, ques grew outside in the mornings to buy everyday needs, although goods could be purchased, tined goods, toilet paper, dairy foods and cereals were in short supply.  In the waiting, another  lockdown approaches. It's a reminder when Germany intended to expose France, Italy and Britain to the same food crisis. A sweat struck "you're temperature is 38.1" turned her all shades. Like in England in 1945 with a death toll in its wake. 

"If it's a Stalin attempt to transform nature, look past the fanfare once the cacaphony enlightens and turn to God and say "the devil's in the detail." Pressure testing humanity like a boomerang turns everyone's view to "focus."

"It's like an episode in Agatha Christie's adaptations on-screen series" only one mystery remains "whose done it!?"

Life can be complicated with their pathway mapping, freeze Induced fight and flight, facilitating towards the human threat "can we breathe now?

"If it's to enhance a dopamine hit to address the waves of resistance on a world of independent minds, 'NIBS' is it safe to sleep now?"




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Sabiha Hasan
Oct 01, 2020
Oct 01, 2020

Good to read

Oct 03, 2020
Oct 03, 2020

Dear Mumble,
Welcome to World pulse! So glad to read your post. The pandemic resulted to so many restrictions worldwide that people never expected. My prayer is that it ends soon because it has become so difficult to live normal lives. Looking forward to many more stories from you.