From my humanity to 'men': An advice or rather a warning!

Mursal Hamraz
Posted March 8, 2012 from Afghanistan

You give me ‘freedom’ on the way I dress up, but what happened? Part of you was not happy about that kind of ‘freedom’. Why? Was it wrong? Did you take a wrong decision? Yes maybe, now I feel you did, you shouldn’t have given me ‘freedom’ while I was already enjoying a full freedom that was given to me by my religion and you should know that that freedom was awesome for me, but that ‘freedom’ you gave me changed me. Guess what kind of change? A ‘many-generations’ negative change. Then that part of you who was sad about that ‘freedom’ you had given me, they went ‘somewhere’. ‘Somewhere’ I don’t know, and I might never know, ‘somewhere’ that might be like an invisible dreadful Satan’s house. They went there, and from a state of humanity, they were transferred into human-shaped bodies with no humane hearts. How could human beings do that to other human beings? How could a human transfer a human into a humane shape with no humanity inside? Well I am not the only confused and disturbed person; there are millions around the world thinking about this. And of course not to ignore that if human beings were able to firstly ‘learn’ how to murder another human being, and then really practice murder as a usual, normal habit, then changing the humane heart of a human being for them might be way two easy. Can you remember what happened next? Yes I know everyone has the records, but those records of history are from everyone’s own interpretations, ways of distinguishing and choosing between information. Well those upset part of yours, who have been ‘transferred’ came back ‘25’. They were brutal, cruel, and still angry for sure, and insane. They came and throw you out of your thrown, they destroyed everything, and that was when they destroyed that ‘freedom’ you had given, but still I was not that sad because as I told before, that ‘freedom’ you had given me was not of my choice. They brought ‘restrictions and limitations’ to me on how to dress up. Again part of you was not happy, but again I was silent. I accepted whatever was told to me, I kept being silent, lived in silence, died in silence, and eventually accepted silence as a part of me, and as a partner of my life. That was about 5 years of my life, there were ‘newly borns’, and there were those who died without really getting their confusions solved. Those ‘restrictions and limitations’ given to me were thought to have been rooted in my religion, but again you were making mistakes. My religion’s ‘restrictions and limitations’ are way too different from that of yours, but still I bore, I bore whatever was put on my shoulders. Every day of those years I felt I was left one step back on the ladder towards that ‘attractive un-known light’, but others were moving slow or fast, they were moving. Then again, shall I call it another revolution? Well maybe, again, but again another revolution happened ‘3’. Again a different part of yours came to ‘remove’ those ‘restrictions and limitations’ that had been put on me. They ‘removed’ and again you give me “freedom” but again that “freedom” you gave me was not of the type my religion means. Again a part of you was upset. You struggled, and you tried to bring another ‘stop and change’ point and that came just yesterday, that really came ‘5’. Again you put new forms of ‘restrictions and limitations’ claiming that those are according to my religion, but again I know they are not. And what do you expect now? Should I again born, live, and die in silence?! Let me precisely put it this way for you, because I know and I understand you are also confused the way I am about your own deeds. You brought the topics of ‘freedom’ and of ‘restrictions and limitations’ when there were already the best possible freedom, restrictions and limitations from my religion. You switched between these two because deep inside you and far in the back of your head, you were confused and puzzled of your deeds. Ok, I guess I should stop here. I know you are frustrated by now and you are completely drown in the river of ‘guilt’ of ‘sins’ and of ‘immorality, and I know you are really in need of a solution and of a way out of that gruesome river, and I do have a solution for you, but I am not sure whether you would be able to hear that or understand that, because I know it is out of your capacity of understanding and realization. Anyhow I will put it in a simple way. The solution is to stop interfering in my life, and start realizing what your shortages are in your own life. Look at the world, look at your surroundings, look at how parts of your own are suffering, but don’t try to bring changes in my life. I know you are feeling guilty because of the ‘changes’ you have brought in my life, but believe me, once your interferences are gone, I know my religion is there to ‘normalize’ my life, and I know you will be accepted and forgiven once you really realize those ‘sins’ you have made up to now. Look I know I have suffered a lot because of you, and you have suffered a lot again because of your own self, but you should also know I am strong enough to deal with that suffering, but you are not. I don’t want to sympathize with you or feel pity on you because I am not of your type, but what I can advise you is that still humanity lives, it is in the air around you, feel it, breathe it, and transfer yourself back into what human is. I believe you can do that.

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