Posted October 24, 2020 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

"I am too old and poor, I can't find the mask to protect myself against the Covid19.

As you could imagine, I eat rarely. I spend even two days with no food.

I lost all my children because of the rebels. No one to care after me".

Many eldest people in my community are very poor, with no means.

Thanks to the financial support of the"Cooperation Suisse", we happen to buy masks, food and soap for the them to prevent hunger and the Covid19.

I can't stop thanking that international organisation "Cooperation Suisse" for its support.

Thank you my dear sisters for you love and prayers.

Best regards





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Tamarack Verrall
Oct 24
Oct 24

Dear Fabienne,
This is the news that needs to be known. This is the important work that needs financial support. What good news that you have found some support from "Cooperation Suisse". May the funds, love and prayers continue to flow.

Honorine Ngenwi
Oct 25
Oct 25

Fab thanks somuch for identifying the needs and wants of those grand parents and the work you guys have done.
God bless you emensely.
Love you

Hello, Fabienne,

I'm grateful, too, that you are receiving support from Cooperation Suisse. Stay strong, dear sister. Please hug the women and girls there for me. :)

Nini Mappo
Oct 27
Oct 27

Hello Fabienne,
It is so sad for those parents who lost their children and have no one to care for them. Good on you for stepping in with love, care and supplies through the support of Cooperation Suisse. The elderly are often forgotten, and I laud you for looking after them.