80% Restless ladies

Posted April 17, 2021

Life is more or less a mess to 80% girls/women at my corner in Nigeria.

They take the task of strugging under rain & shine just to put food on the table and when they return home they still encounter beatings and humilitions from husbands.

God help us

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Apr 18
Apr 18


Busayo Obisakin
Apr 18
Apr 18

Amen! Thanks for sharing MyLiker! We shall overcome some day! You are highly welcome to World Pulse. Please continue to thrive in the community

Apr 19
Apr 19

Dear Myliker,
Change is difficult, but never impossible. But it must be a massive force of unity, strife, sacrifice and determination for change to happen. It has been done in other lands. It can happen. Express more. Express out loud. Make it louder. And create the heart of the lioness in masses of women. Only women can change the plight of women. Keep this going. Make the heart beat shout out loud.
Welcome to World Pulse and use your voice for change.

Nini Mappo
Apr 21
Apr 21

That's a sad reality in many African communities. I hope these women empower their sons to be the men they want to see. It is infuriating how much women are taken for granted and enslaved by those who purport to love them. God intervene indeed.