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About Me

I was not born as a leader, I have become one. I lead a malagasy movement of youth towards sustainable development, called "Malagasy Youth for Sustainable Development". This movement activate itself on line. Add to that, I am a guide. The association of girls guides and girls scouts, WAGGGS, has inspired me to get involved in education for girls, in women's right. I lead groups of girls aged 6-18 in my community to become the first actor of their development. Then, I organize special program which can respond to their needs : primary education, youth policies, environment and climate change education. I gain knowledge by using internet and digital media. Nowadays, I work as a journalist so I share informations on the internet after publishing on newspaper. Digital media and internet helped me to empower my skills, to be engaged more in realities where women's are facing everyday. Also, I use digital media to raise my voice on facebook, wordpress, twitter, linkedin, and World Pulse. The echo of these publications give me opportunities to learn from other, to understand their visions, but also to find opportunities to participate in meeting in international level. By the way, World Pulse help me to know what exactly happen to women in every part of the world, by reading articles from members. This has inspired to participate in the « Youth Leadership Training Program », an initiative of Friedrich Ebert Foundation this year. Thanks to World Pulse.

My Vision

I never stop to learn. I have a vision that the access of education in Madagascar will be facilitated. The scholarisation rate on my country is less than 40% in primary level and less than 3% in college. I would change that reality. I dream that every child, especially girls, will go to school. They will learn,then able to participate actively in the debates about development and political decision. I would become the first female president in my country, but it is not necessary. I would be happy if every girls in my community will be conscient that they are the main part of the development of Madagascar.


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