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About Me

I grew up in a small, undeveloped fishing village on the island of Bohol in the Philippines. I was born of the Masa, the poorest of the poor. To help my family break the cycle of poverty and to save my own two girls, I became an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). I spent 20 years overseas in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong working as a Nanny and domestic helper.

Like many other women born into poverty, the price I paid as a Mother was to harsh, but both my girls graduated college.

While working in Hong Kong, an eight year old Chinese boy under my care taught me to use a computer. Today, I own and operate a successful technology based outsourcing company in Davao City, Philippines.

Success in business does not erase my memories as a m igrant worker. I am compelled to act on behalf of the sisters I left behind.. Here is a link to my story: Advocacy for Migrant Workers and the fight against human trafficking. Not enough time in the day to do all that needs to be done. Social Media Application Development

My Vision

One day, the least among us will be empowered with technology to help themselves and those around them.