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About Me

Beloved World Pulse member and activist, Nabiye Tal, passed away May, 2016.

Leina, World Pulse member from Cameroon, says "Nabiye-Tal Seaman, your passionate, dedicated and ever energetic spirit has slipped into the world beyond. But you left indelible foot prints in the sands of time through your work for humanity. Sleep on placidly, woman of valor. You are gone, but not forgotten."

Nabiye-Tal started an NGO under the name Initiative for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Children (IEVAWC). Her family plans to change the name to Nabiye Seaman Ogbaji Foundation for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Children to immortalize her name and to ensure motivation to carry on with her vision.

Please leave a note below in honor of Nabiye-Tal if you feel moved to share. And we encourage you to engage with our Gender Based Violence group if you want to do something that would surely make her spirit soar!



I am simply Nabiye Tal, for over seven years now i have been involved in awareness, sensitization and counseling program for women and Children. Thus spurred by the scourge of rape and domestic violence in my community, i initiated and founded the NGO- Initiative for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Children (IEVAWC), a non-profit, non-governmental organization that is committed to preventing, eliminating, and providing lasting solutions to gender violence such as wife-battering, rape and child sexual abuse in the society, so as to create an enabling environment towards nation building. Since 2006 till date, i have been a service provider/consultant, with emphasis on Women and children’s right/ welfare and humanitarian services. The Motivation is still traceable back to my childhood years, my love for the less-privileged, battered women, raped victims, molested children, and my burning desire to mitigate their sufferings. I am skilled in facilitation, programs/event planning, trainings,and writing articles. I am at the same time a Physics Lecturer in Bingham University Nigeria. I hold a BSc in Physics from the University of Abuja-Nigeria, an MSc Environmental Studies from Concept University College, London, a certificate of Facilitation from ALICT (African Leadership Institute for Community Transformation), Wellington-South Africa and i am a Vocal Contributor, a Community Welcomer and a Community Listener in World Pulse, an online action media network powered by women from 190 countries.

My Vision

My desire is to see a society where men and women will live together peacefully without violating each other's rights.


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