Support divorced women

Nadra Mahdi
Posted June 20, 2021 from Sudan

As we are in african country.and one of the developed country.women are suffer education .get married.divorced....etc.

Previously ihad apage in my news paper to support.poor .widow women who go to street to sell tea to help their children .they face many of them leave their sell tea in capital khartoum.or they came from Darfur.iwrote their stories and keep orginse unitle they find support . my commmunity ihave many divorced women. that need help.they came to my home to find help.

Actually the problem here that all the men does not want to give them divorced paper.other problem they are not educated to have agood job.

They have children want to grew and to live.

Third problem they had ablack vision to their future.with no jope to continue their lives.

My support is try to analysis the problem.

And solve any one from my network

From layers.journalist.responsibilites.


The important thing here that igave them examples of divorced women that face challenges.and go ahead and succes to continue to their lives.

Igave them apower to fight to their children.

Despite of all of the pain in their selves if they are divorced.or their husbands leave them to marry anther women.or to run away because of the bad economic situation in sudan.


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Busayo Obisakin
Jun 20
Jun 20

So sorry about these predicament of divorced women in your country! Thank you so much for wonderful supports you are giving them
Sending you Love!

Jun 20
Jun 20

Thank you very much for helping the women who Came to you for help. Same in Nigeria too.

Beth Lacey
Jun 21
Jun 21

It is wonderful that you are helping these unfortunate women. God bless.

Jun 21
Jun 21

Thank you for sharing your story and for supporting women in the way that you are!