Spirit light.

Nadra Mahdi
Posted March 23, 2020 from Sudan

After iput many problem that face me in journalism field.

Istand with my message.How ican do it?how ican make change in my home community.and even country about the role of women and her strong power .and woman doesnot deserve bad feeling and bad treatment that comes from the community.

Awoman is anice creature deserve the best.

 Other question that comes in side my self.here in sudan any girl before marriage wear t.shirt.with skirt.after marriage she wearSudaneseToup.it is traditional wear.but ithink if iwant to work hard and travel alot imust wear pantalon with long t.shirt and cover .my head  with this wearing.but goverment prevent pantalon and they get girl in to prison and beat any one dothat.

Here ifind strong thinking in side me.imust fight for my vision every where.if it happens.and iwear it.

Strong idea comes.iestabish apage about people needs in services.and even about the needs of disability ..people 

About tea sellers in the street and their problem with Govto buy in live their childern .

Istand with agreat light comes from my soul to help my people and support them by sending their messages to the responsibilites so they can help them or imake apressure groups with my colleques in the media to pressure ministres to take the right action .

And isuccsed .my page succed and ibecame deputy editor in cheif in my news paper after one month of getting the job.

Here itest the victory and how trust  with your self could lead youto the  safe beach.


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Hello, Nadra,

Wow, congratulations on becoming a deputy editor in your newspaper! Your determination and "can do" attitude are inspiring. I enjoy reading your stories. Please continue writing! Please stay safe. :)

Jill Langhus
Mar 25
Mar 25

Hi Nadra,

How are you doing today. Thanks for sharing and for being the change:-) It's so sad that you can't even wear what you want to:-( I hope this changes sooner rather than later.


Anita Shrestha
Mar 26
Mar 26

Thank you for sharing

Elly Hawkins
Apr 03
Apr 03

I completely agree with your point that women need to stay strong even if the surrounding environment/people are not always supportive. I hope you can continue to voice your opinions as a deputy editor! Congratulations!


Apr 23
Apr 23

Congratulations Sister,
Thank you for sharing.
Stay safe and sound.

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hi Nadra,
Hope you are well. Thank you for sharing your post on determination and the change that you are now. With time you will be able to wear whatever you want. Continue with the advocacy on issues that violate women's rights in your country.
Stay safe during this pandemic. Looking forward to more of your posts.

Catherine De Freitas

I admire your determination, passion and strength. Continue to be a beacon of light and hope to your sisters. You are appreciated and I look forward to hearing more about your initiatives. :)

Oct 03
Oct 03

Such a great determination,Nadar it’s awesome congrats I hope you grow beyond.