Youth and Leadership

Posted August 15, 2013 from Jamaica

Today was one of those days, perfectly poised for powerful things. One of those days when being proud and being happy fought for space in my chest and lodged somewhere in my heart. Today, I saw young people's eyes light up and they were talking about leadership. They were talking about accountability and justice and diversity and ethics and integrity and development and progress... Things that leadership is sometimes afraid to court and find solace in.

Today some young people inspired me because they stayed connected One of those moments when brilliance was evidenced in an interested smile or a slight lean forward in a chair at just the right time Today I heard young people speak of ordinary things and they sounded extra-ordinary They were speaking of emotions and intelligence, and self knowledge and possibilities and the law of attraction and confidence Things that leadership is only just learning to embrace

Today some young men and woman woke up at the crack of dawn and excitedly went out to meet their peers I was inspired, I felt humbled Today I had new visions, I had new thoughts, new ideas...or were they the same old ones I am not even sure Today a next generation stepped forward.

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