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About Me

My name is Nadeen Spence and I was born in the South of Jamaica in a parish called St. Elizabeth. I grew up in a small rural community called Kilmarnock, a Moravian free village which borders another parish called Westmoreland. I grew up in a large family, I was loved and protected and my parents and older brothers and sisters worked hard to ensure that our family would not be poor and destitute. My mother valued education and encouraged us to do well and study hard. I knew that the dangers which awaited me as a young women were many and that the worst of them was getting pregnant. This was hammered in my head, every day, I had four older sisters and this had not happened to any of them, they were respected and highly regarded precisely because they had managed to escape the scourge of teen pregnancy.

So imagine my complete horror when at seventeen. I became pregnant! Not good. I thought my world had one to an end. But it did not, and I am now woman triumphant, I love my story. Especially because I made some intriguing stops along the way. Now I pride myself on being a woman who is a social justice advocate and who speaks for the most vulnerable girls and young women or perhaps someone who helps them to find their voice so that they can speak for themselves.

I find that I am strengthened each time a young woman walks away from her situation in triumph, and as I observe their strengthening, I become more inspired. I love hope and promise and faith. So I walk in that tradition of people who are committed to that ideal. My son, my family, my work Getting past my fears Research, Programme development, institutional building, networking, leadership training and development, strategic planning

My Vision

More love, more life, more happiness.