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About Me

After 2002's riots in Gujarat, India, I started working volunteerism, I have seen riots, and what media was showing was totally different, real story was not there in news, that was the time I decided to become a journalist to give real and proper information to the world. I know so most of the news agencies are not allowing to speak bluntly which I do. I worked for development communication and radio. After, community radio concept came in India I join Community radio program and then, community radio station called Radio Bundelkhand.
I started opportunity to voiceless people, via this medium and that is my passion, I do write in local language, as well prepare creative radio programmes. From last year, I have been working as a freelancer giving training to the community radio station's reporters and conducting workshop in village school children for creative writing. Preparing children to start their own news paper. For me life is what you make, you have opportunity, enjoy it...!!!

My Vision

My vision is to make the fearless environment for the community, women have to have opportunity to speak, a world when they enjoy.


I take initiative, I travel, I am workaholic person, I enjoy my work, support which I need is motivation, chance and ideas, which I expect.


I have been working in social development sector for communication, as my expertise is I can find out information easily from the community.


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