Newly Released! "The Ban" A Short Film by Fault Lines about Trump's Muslim ban

Najwa Kareem
Posted March 17, 2017 from United States

Kudos once again to my friend Laila Al-Arian onher hardwork to produce this documentary along with her colleagues of Al-Jazeera English'sFault Lines. Sharif Kouddous, Independent journalist & Democracy Now! correspondent reports. His reporting job with Fault Lines' film: The Contract: Chicago's Police Unionwasbrilliant and commendable.

Please consider watching "The Ban" and kindly make it available to others you know!

"By far the most heartbreaking story I've ever worked on. We reported from the front lines of the "Muslim ban."Laila Al-Arian

"Our heart wrenching report on human costs of Trump's policy to close America's doors to those with the most to loose." Sharif Kouddous


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