Friday Prayer/Sermon with Imam Afeef Khan 3-15-2019 "Hate Speech: Justification for Genocide"

Najwa Kareem
Posted March 15, 2019 from United States #nowplaying

Powerful! Telling! Brilliant! A must-listen! Once again, Imam Afeef Khan never fails to do his homework! And I had a front row seat!

In this Khutbah, Imam Khan speaks in detail about the New Zealand Massacre among other important related topics. 

Would you kindly circulate this Khutbah as I myself tune in while doing some work.

What happened today at the mosque in New Zealand is horrific! beyond words! What has happened and is happening in colonized and occupied Palestine, in Gaza, and in Yemen, and in Syria, and in Somalia, and in Kashmir, and in Nigeria, and in Myanmar, and in so many other Muslim countries and predominantly Muslim countries is a perpetual, is an ongoing nightmare! beyond comprehension; one beyond words!

Peace be with you on this Jumaa Friday!



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