Friday prayer with Imam Asi 8-2-2019, Shaikh Zakzaky Victim Of The Sectarian Military Complex

Najwa Kareem
Posted August 7, 2019 from United States

The following are some excerpts from Imam Asi's Khutbah/sermon yesterday titled "Shaikh Zakzaky Victim Of The Sectarian Military Complex":

"Dear committed brothers and sisters. We're going to try as much as possible to dedicate the words of this Khutbah to a dear brother who has been victimized by the forces of the status quo, by the ignorance of Muslims, by the propagandistic information from the mass media, and by the sectarianism that dwells deep down inside our pysche, and when I say OUR psyche I mean ALL THE MUSLIMS; obviously there are minor exceptions. Shaikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, and I say this from experience. I don't say this because I heard it from someone or because I read it somewhere is one of the few individuals that has truly understood the issue of the sectarian divide among the Muslims, and it is precisely because of that; that he is where he is today - in detention suffering from the power of the State coming upon him and those who are with him. He has lost members of his family due to gun shot wounds, to the savagery of the military, his country."

"I happened to have visited him a few years ago before the military did to him what it did. And he explained to me that, and he showed me what the press in Nigeria is saying about him and about his followers. And he pointed out to the articles which he has almost archived in his center that he is head of the Shias in Nigeria. that he is the head or the leader of the Shias in Nigera. And I read some of the paragraphs and some of those sentences that play up the issue that he is a Shia leader. He turns to me and he says and I relay this to you first hand. He says, I never presented myself as a Shia leader. See this takes a maturity of a personality to understand what is going on. If he was a secular Muslim, none of this, he could have been a Shia, there are Shias that are secular; he could have been that type but nothing would have happened to him...secular in the sense that he was a traditionalist and he's waiting for Imam Al-Mahdi to come and he will suspend all activities until that time. He wasn't that type. On the other hand, he wasn't a sectarian Shia...the types that make a big issue about differentiating between Sunnis and Shias. He blurred that line. This is a mature person. How many of us? We, we sort of know each other. How many of us have blurred that line? So he's way ahead of us, and therefore Allah Subhanna wa ta ala in His own calculation of worldly affairs in a sense has honored him with the trials and tribulations that he is going through. It's not easy. It's not comfortable. But it's a fact."

Imam Asi, Friday prayer 8-2-2019, "Shaikh Zakzaky Victim Of The Sectarian Military Complex"


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Thanks for sharing, Najwa,

Najwa Kareem
Aug 08
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My pleasure Karen.