Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X), Islamic Election And The Islamic Center 2-21-20

Najwa Kareem
Posted February 29, 2020 from United States

Excepts from this Khutbah/Sermon given by Imam Asi:

"...Both of these Ayat deliver the meaning that the guidance that we seek from Allah can come only through the effort that we expand for Allah. No person can expect guidance from Allah if they are either indifferent to Allah and His Prophet. I mean they could be practicing Muslims in the sense that they are doing their personal responsibilities like they may be fasting or they may be praying and they may be doing these personal issues. But Allah Subhanna wa ta 'ala wants us to understand that if we are not involved in some type of effort; and this effort may demand some sweat. It may demand some patience. It may demand some tears. And it eventually may demand some blood. But this is the kind of effort that begets guidance."

"...Let's take 3 stops. We're going to make 3 brief stations; approach 3 brief occasions and comment on the effort that is needed, the endeavor that is required. The first one is today marks 55 years since the assassination or Ashahada of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. On this day, 55 years ago in New York City, he was gunned down. He was probably the best exemplification of understanding what these Ayat, the ones that I sited in the beginning a few minutes ago, what these Ayat mean. (Ayat recited in Arabic). And those who make an effort, those who endeavor, those who struggle for Us, for Allah Jalla Jallalu, indeed, emphatically!, We will show them our ways! You can't make an effort for Allah Subhanna hu wa ta 'ala when you don't get tired, you don't tax your body, or you don't tax your spirit. Some effort requires patience. Some effort requires you to, to flex your muscles. And everything in between what is in your nervous system and what is in your muscular system. Everything in between requires this effort. And he was...maybe we can summarize because of the time issue, we can summarize his life and his struggle and the honor that he received at the end, we can summarize them, maybe in two sentences. The first one know, a lot of times when Malcolm El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz is mentioned, a lot of times they mention Martin Luther King. It's almost...And then there's preferences. Who was more sacrificing for their principles and all of this. And we can summarize the comparison in two sentences. Martin Luther King talked about truth and power. Al Hajj Malik El-Shabazz spoke truth to power!! It's a major difference there. And then a statement attributed to Al Marhum Malik El-Shabazz. That statement is, It's better for a person to walk alone than to walk with multitudes of people who are going in the wrong direction. These two sentences or these two citations sum up how a committed Muslim should be."

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Beth Lacey
Mar 02, 2020
Mar 02, 2020

This is very interesting to read