Coronavirus And Corrupting Allah's Creation 3-6-2020 Imam Afeef Khan

Najwa Kareem
Posted March 7, 2020 from United States

An elucidating Khutbah!

A must-listen!

A hugely beneficial share given current events!

Excerpt from yesterday's Khutbah/sermon:

"...The reason that I'm going into this history and it's important for us to pay attention especially in reference to the Ayah that I just quoted is that there's mounting information, and actually there's quite a bit of convincing evidence now because this particular outbreak took place in 1968 and since then many classified documents have become unclassified; and so now there's mounting evidence, accumulating evidence, incriminating evidence that lyme disease, the spirochete that causes it is not a naturally occurring germ organism in the environment...that this is something that was manufactured in a US germ warfare or biological warfare laboratory and either it was accidently released into the public space, into the environment, or it was released as a byproduct of a test that was done in the open environment. And of course the story does not end here..."

Please, if you have time, kindly share this Khutbah/sermon with others.



P.S. To survive this life, and increasingly more the case, one has to be educated; one has to be offering accurate knowledge and receiving accurate knowledge. Also, one has to use his/her intellect. It has to be sharp though in order to really use it and benefit from it.

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Tarke Edith
Mar 07
Mar 07

Hello Kareem
How are you dear .
Thanks for sharing with us the history of this coronavirios . happy women's day dear.

Hello, Najwa,

Whoa, this outbreak took place in 1968! I don't know what to feel. More like betrayed. Thank you for sharing!

Anita Shrestha
Mar 08
Mar 08

Thank you very much for sharing experiences. How are you ? now a days

Mar 10
Mar 10

Thank you for sharing Najwa.

Apr 18
Apr 18

Hello beautiful,
Thank you for sharing,
Please stay safe
We love you so much
Thank you.

Olawunmi Okupe
May 02
May 02

Thank you for sharing! So insightful

Catherine De Freitas

Hello Najwa, Thank you for sharing. I do agree with you that being educated about things is important. Hope that you are doing well and stay safe.

Regina Afanwi Young
Jul 29
Jul 29

Hello Kareem, hope you are doing okay. I Stand with you on the importance of education. Thanks for sharing your story dear. Look forward to reading from you