The Israeli Hand in The Beirut Port Bombing - Imam Muhammad Al Asi

Najwa Kareem
Posted August 12, 2020 from United States

This morning I decided to take a brief moment of time to work on this before beginning to do other important tasks and addressing other priorities. Listening to and learning from Imam Asi is something I much prefer over many things like working on today's agenda (one set by me).

Yesterday, I viewed this youtube presentation (see below) given by Imam Asi about the bombing in Beirut, Lebanon. In one of Imam Asi's Khutbah's in the past 12 months (if my memory concerning the time frame serves me correctly), he hinted that Lebanon would be bombed. I remember this distinctly. In fact, I typed some of his words of that Khutbah in which he mentioned this and posted it on this World Pulse account of mine. Allah Subhanna keeps Imam Asi's Islamic analytical mind churning and continues to keep him in the know. Imam Asi is on it! All I can say is, Imam Asi is on it! THANK YOU OH ALLAH. THANK YOU FOR BLESSING US WITH SUCH A STELLAR MEMBER OF OUR HUMAN FAMILY, SUCH A STELLAR MEMBER OF OUR MUSLIM UMMAH, AND SUCH A STELLAR IMAM.

"All of us heard in the past few days...past couple of days...two or three days about the explosion that happened in BEIRUT but the pieces are not being put together properly. That particular explosion took place previously in Syria. There are some types of policies that are trying to starve the Iraqi people, the Syrian people, and the Lebanese people - people who are living in these 3 countries. There are certain policies being pursued that are trying to bring these people to their knees, to surrender, obviously to surrender to those who have stolen the Holy Land."

"There's a lot of details in how this was set up and information is starting to surface that basically this was a time bomb. These 2,750 tons were a time bomb to be used in the appropriate context and situation and so basically, this is an act of war. What the Israelis have done in Lebanon  - this is an act of war."

"...Once again because we took ourselves out of Allah's care and out of Allah's guidance; we took ourselves out of that and this is what they are doing to us. There's no way we can undo their schemes and their plots, their evil strategies; there's no way we can undo that when we remain aloof from the guidance that has come to us."

"...So keep your eyes, your Islamic thinking mind on EGYPT, on TURKEY, and on IRAN. These are the three areas in which there is an intensification of hostile policies by the imperialists and the Zionists and everyone in their orbit especially the lackeys in the Arabian Peninsula. They're doing all of they can before there's a consolidation of all of these three centers in the Muslim world. They're working along sectarian lines. They're working across nationalistic lines. They're working across class lines. They're working...They're using every channel and every conduit they can. They're working their darndest best to see to it that we who are suppose to be mature enough to avoid the traps and the pitfalls they are setting up for us..."

Imam Muhammad Al Asi​​​​​​

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Hello, Najwa,

The bombing in Beirut was shocking and heartbreaking. A few of my countrymen working there became casualties (dead and injured). I pray that it won't happen to any other city or country.

My condolences to the bereaved Muslim community.

Najwa Kareem
Aug 12
Aug 12

Thank you very much and my sincere condolences to you for your loss.

Aug 14
Aug 14

Thank you for sharing.