My Poem: Hijab Is My Crown

Najwa Kareem
Posted February 1, 2021 from United States

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Dawn Arteaga
Feb 02
Feb 02

Thanks for sharing your poetry Najwa! Just a little note that if you can share the full text of the poem it will reach more World Pulse sisters. Our website by default doesn't share widely posts that are just links as a measure to prevent spam spreading. Of course this is not spam -- and since they are your original writing if you can share the text here with the link at the bottom I think more people will see them. Sending you warm wishes on a cold February day in our corner of the world and hope you are safe and doing well!
Feb 02
Feb 02

Dear Najwa,
Hijab is my crown... is so beautiful. Especially....from the One who has commanded me to wear it to my face. Hijab can do so many other magical things for a woman's pride. It's her beauty if she takes pride in wearing it. It's her identity if she embraces it. The hijab can only remind a man to respect you. No piece of clothing can protect you from men. Careful choices, proper times, safe spaces and premeditated scenarios can protect you. And so can self defense classes and pepper spray. Clothing can protect you from natures elements, give you great self esteem. But clothes are only a reminder to respect. Clothing is a figurative wall. Not a literal one. Men will step out of line, married and single. And you have to learn what to do ahead of time. Your hijab won't protect you. It really does attract men to you. Speaking truthfully sister.
Trust me...Hugs...JoMarie