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Posted July 21, 2015 from Cameroon
Women Beyond Representation
Top on the agenda, World Pulse!
Nakinti & Mme. Chambi Julie
Nakinti & Mme. Chambi Julie: Women Beyond Representation Workshop, Wum town! (1/2)

What else can I talk of, if in a gathering of women in leadership position I don't tell them about World Pulse.

Long drive, from Bamenda to Fundong. I turned my whole body from one side to the other, trying to find favour with the nature of the road, as it impacts on my nauseability. One hour, thirty meetings, my speech stops, a little over 30 minutes into the drive. I closed and opened my eyes several times, and tried to breath out heavily to push out some pressure in my inner neck. Not even the sacred bitter cola was able to play the trick, as I manually managed to hold back from throwing up. Yes, it is characteristic with winding roads. The road from Bamenda to Fundong is fondly talked about its super winding nature. It's a complete C, S, and many S,S&S drives. Reaching Fundong was such a joy, as I was immediately relieved of the nausea.

As I battled with nausea, I was thinking of one thing -- how I was going to smoothly do my presentation on making the voices of women in leadership heard, and their actions visible. Immediately, I told myself that telling them about the amazing work of World Pulse was a great start. I became so excited and anxious. I knew I had sealed the deal. Having such an opportunity to tallk to women who hold leadership opportunities in all walks of life in the divisions was one opportunity that doesn't come easily. I was in for a good go.

I started my talk with blogging as a social media tool and without waste of time, I used World Pulse as a big example of blogging, for women. I explained to them how women have lighted their voices and experienced the joy of sisterhood all in one big blog. I told them how I got a first project to interview women who have suffered violence in Bamenda, Cameroon, because a professor in a Cameroon university stumbled on my WP post in 2012 and contacted me. I received over $700 for that particular work; a work that I considered easy to do. I told them how I took the 6 months WP course that opened my world of becoming the change that I want in my community. I told them about how I have learned from the experiences of women in over 150 countries. The women quickly asked for World Pulse address. Some of them were hearing the word blog and website for the first time. They struggled to copy down every word and asked for the spelling of WORLD PULSE. The were excited! They were yearning to know more. They asked me to come back and get them connected to WP and other social media websites. Some of them proposed to give me their stories to put up on world pulse. Ah! I wanted to, but I told them it would be better to sign them in so that they post on their personal journals. They can't wait, they say. They told me they were going to meet me in Bamenda so that I can help them go through the process. The question was, how am I going to attend to them on a one on one basis. That is going to be too much for me. I wished I could have an opportunity to have all of them in one room again so that I put them through in a group. Amazing stuff.

It should be noted here, that I had this very presentation in two different division in Cameroon, on two different days and the outcomes and expectations were the same. Friday 17th July 2015 in Boyo Division - Fundong town, and Monday 20th July 2015 in Menchum Division, Wum town. The journeys were long, bumpy, uncomfortable, but the outcomes were amazing and pleasing to the soul.

I cannot end without saying thank you to African Women Development Fund (AWDF) for funding the project on Women Beyond Representation, and to Community Initiative for Sustainable Development (COMINSUD) for implementation. I can't end without saying thank you to World Pulse for building my capacity and for making me a better woman.

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