A list of wonderful friends I made here on World Pulse/VOF ...Please find your name below and accept my heartfelt gratitude!

Posted May 19, 2013 from Cameroon

My dear friends in the list below, as we anticipate the announcement of the 30 VOF correspondents of 2013, I shout out big love to you all for accepting to have me as your friend...God/Allah/Buddha/ bless you all!

Green Girl -My dear Greengirl, we have been friends for 2 weeks 3 days now, I cannot tell you how happy I am for getting a friend from Nigeria. We geographically neighbours, but now, you and me are sisterly neighbours. Promise me you will accept me anytime I call to tell you that I am in Nigeria. Sister I will like to meet with you some day...not long when I visit Naija. Remain green girl! Thank you so much for having me as a friend! Thank you World Pulse!

Gracious (Siru Grace) -Sweet heart, Gracious (Siru Grace), we connected as friends 2 weeks 3 days right here on World Pulse. It gives me joy to know that I have a sister in Nairobi Kenya. I once stayed for 10 hours at Nairobi International airport, if I had met you before then, I am sure I would have called you to meet me right there Never the less, please, let me know you will like to see me whenever I come visiting Kenya. Remain the philanthropist that u are dear, God will bless you. Thank you for friending me, thank you World Pulse!

TJ -Dear TJ, I cannot imagine I have a friend in a country I knew very little about. You don't know how much I have learned about ECD Guyana through you...thank you so much darling. Our friendship for 3 weeks 5 day is like friendship for life, I have enjoyed your every post, keep up the good work darling. If anytime I come to ECD Guyana, will you find time to see me? I know for sure you will. Thank you dear for having me as ur friends.

Tina Young -Tina Young dear, we have been World Pulse friends for 4 weeks 1 day now. Though we had been friends for some time in Bamenda, I will say it gave me great pleasure to find you here on World Pulse. I have enjoyed your every contribution you made here, thank you for adding my knowledge on so many subjects. I love you sister!

Saving Angel -My dearest Saving Angel, 4 weeks 1 day ago we became friends right here. Like other friends, you left a mark in my soul for always visiting my journal, reading my posts, and making valuable comments. If my journal was for sale, you would have been a regular customer whom I will die to keep so as to keep my business moving...thank you Saving Angel for being there for me. I love you darling. If ever I make one stop in Canada, I will obviously love to meet you. My friend will be coming over, if you'll need a souvenir from Cameroon, let me know. Thank you dear!

Stacey Rozen -Wonderful Stacey Rozen, I am with all smiles for having a friend from country pregnant with African history, South Africa. For 4 weeks 6 days now I have enjoyed your every moment. Johanesburg South Africa may seem to far from Cameroon, but I promise you if I ever come over to Mzamsi, I will remember you...promise to remember me too. May your creativity grow dear, I love you!

Bhavna -Dear bhavna, I remember the first day I saw your comment on my VOF post, it was full of meaning and encouragement. I remember reading all your VOF journal posts too, I found in them meaning and a representation of your true self. For 4 weeks 6 days now your friendship instills a sense of happiness and confidence in me, that of saying I can never be stranded in India when you are there. I was supposed to be in Kerala-India from last week for the Kanthari 2013 programme (a 7 months long programme I was accepted for), I cancelled it for personal reasons, I am sure you should have been one of the people I would have died to meet. There is always another time dear. Thank you dear for giving the opportunity to have a friend in India. I love you!

Jensine Larsen -Wonderful Jensine, I am short of words to tell you how I feel having you as my friend 5 weeks 2 days now. Sometimes I wonder how you came about the idea of creating World Pulse, this amazing platform of sisterhood. Through you I have been able to meet a group of women from groups countries. Jensine dear, remain blessed. A million kisses to you!

Kirthijay -kirthijay darling, here you stand out again as one of my many lovely friends from India. 5 weeks 4 days of friendship with you has been like 5years 4months of friendship. I have a thing for all Indians, and so I obviously have a thing for all of u that I have met right here. I will put you in mind if ever I come to that beautiful land of beautiful women, lovely dressing, wonderful cuisine and many more. Kirthijay, thank you for showing me all the love right here on World Pulse!

Anita Muhanguzi -sister Anita Muhanguzi of Kampala Uganda, we have been friends for 5 weeks 6 days now, and I have enjoyed every moment of our friendship. Through VOF, you made me learn a lot about Uganda, a lot about yourself. I used to think it will be impossible to know someone in countries like Uganda, World Pulse just made this possible for us. I am proud to have one person to call when ever I visit Uganda, thank you sister for having me as your friend. I love you!

Taha Mirani Dearest Taha Mirani, you just made me to have another friend from Kashmir. Firstly I had Aliya Bashir as a friend from Kashmir, now you, I think I am blessed. I think Kashmiri women have a thing for photography...right? Aliya too is a good photograher and videographer, I love you both. Now I Know I have friends to share dinner with if ever I set foot at Kashmir. Thank you Taha for the 5 weeks 6 days of wonderful friendship!

Aminah -Aminah darling, for 6 weeks 1 day we have been friends. You made me to know about the little country called Maldives, its political bearing and its beauty. You moved me into the world of your family, your mother who loved to be educated. You moved me into your world of struggles, the desire to get the highest education in the midst of patriarchy. Your lovely first try poem...dear, you have been wonderful in my eyes here, I don't regret one bit having you as a friend. I hope to pay Maldives a visit some day. Thank u so much Aminah

Estelle -Estelle mon ami, Je suis tres heureux de rencontre vous (hahaha sister, I hope say i don talk dat french fine oo). Estelle darling, you given me 6 weeks 2 days of true sisterhood and friendship here on WP. I can't thank you enough for accepting to have you in ur friend's list. I enjoyed all your posts here, I must say you are a strong and talented woman. Thank you sister! When next I come to Yaounde and French is troubling me, I will sure call you to come to my rescue!

Patsy Lindrio -patsy lindrio dear, like Anita Muhungazi, I now have another friend from Uganda. My heart leeps with joy to know that I have u from that end. I have learned quite a lot about Uganda from you, u have truly enriched me with knowledge. sister, thank you for true friendship in 6 weeks 2 days. We will remain friends for life.

Woman of Voice -Dear Woman of voice, it is no doubt that you are a woman of voice. I know South Africans to have that strong voice, if not for singing purposes, then it is for advocacy purppses. Dear with the powerful voice that you have, you are in the right place - WP. I have seen u use your voice judiciously here on WP. I am glad to have u as my trusted friend for 6 weeks 2 days now. I think WP have given me a friend that I can lean on whenever I find myself in Durban. Thank you darling.

Hillary24 -My dear hillary24, you are the only cock in my kingdom of hens. Hope u will have the strength to withstand the ranting and power of a thousand women in this household of mine. We are not out to overpower you, we are out to empower ouselves. You have shown me true friendship for 6 weeks 3 days now, I appreciate your love and concern for women. Atlast, I have a friend in Zim, a country full of political history. I am convinced voices like urs will bring lasting change to Zimbabwe. Thank you Hillary for your frienship!

Mukut Ray Tyagi -Mukut Ray Tyagi, the great writer and contributor on WP...I see in you the future of India. I have enjoyed every moment of your friendship for 33 weeks and 3 days today. We have been friends long before the launching of VOF. You are among my pioneer friends. We moved our friendship from here to Facebook, sister, thank you for showing me real love. I sure have a true friend to shout out to when ever I visit India. Thank u sweet heart!

Precious M -My precious Precious M, you are the apple of my backyard. Through World Pulse I found another Cameroonian sister who has the power of creating writing, journalism, activism, power, and positivism. You don't know how much I have learned from you in 43 weeks 1 day that we have been true friends. I am dying to meet you in person, and I sure will when next I come to Buea. Thank you precious for being there for the women of Cameroon!

Urmila Chanam Dear Urmila Chanam, you have been so wonderful to me since I met you on WP. You have been my teacher for 43 weeks 6 days now here on WP. I cannot tell you how much I have learned through your posts. You remain glued to my sub-conscious and conscious memory. If at any time I am asked to say a few names that I know in World Pulse, your name will obviously be one of them, sure. I love you and thank you for having me as your friend!

To the rest of my friends whose name fall in this list below, I give you all 10 bullet claps for being my pioneer WP friends. You all have been there for me. You all have supported me like a sister and brother would. You all have stood by me in all respects. You all remain special in my soul. I remember you in my prayers every day. I say a big thank you to WP for giving me the opportunity to meet yldou. With you all, my life will never remain the same. THANK YOU!

-M.A.D POSITIVE - friends for 10 weeks 5 days ago

-Heidi - friends for 26 weeks 3 days ago

-missjenn - friends for 27 weeks 6 days ago

-MESSA - friends for 30 weeks 5 days ago

-mohini - friends for 35 weeks 3 days ago

-udoka29 - friends for 41 weeks 5 days ago

-mrbeckbeck - friends for 42 weeks 6 days ago

-Rebecca Snavely - friends for 1 year 1 day ago

-Carrie Lee - friends for 1 year 10 weeks ago

-Leina (My first WP love)- friends for 1 year 10 weeks ago

To all those whose name I did not mention, but whom we have interacted here on WP, I love you all and I will always love you!

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May 19, 2013
May 19, 2013

what analysis! This proves that your interactions were never passive but also geared towards making meaningful friends and relations for life. that is soooooooo great. I cherish your friendship too and will forever be grateful for having known you sister.

love you dear, Tina Young.

Ayshah Maende
May 19, 2013
May 19, 2013

Its always fun to get connected and forming great friendship. They are all amazing women and keep the network

Otto Mponda
May 19, 2013
May 19, 2013

Oh Nakinti what an honor, thank you dearly for your heartfelt acknowledgement and for spreading the love her on WorldPulse, you are really inspiring and l'm honored to have had a chance to met you and all the women here on WP.

Kind regards Otto

May 19, 2013
May 19, 2013

That is so sweet of you darling. Thank you for being my friend. I am honored and touched.

Love you so much. You are an inspiration to all of us.


estelle achinko
May 19, 2013
May 19, 2013

Hi Nakinti...its was moment well spent with u and every other friend and a memeorable one when i think of each and everyone of u. forthe french, that one na small thing. hope to see u when u come to yaounde. luv

Kirthi Jayakumar
May 19, 2013
May 19, 2013

You are one of my treasured friends, dear Nakinti! It means SO much to know you, to read your work and to be inspired by the light of your life. To me, the few moments spent reading your work on WP is like a lifetime of knowing you and cherishing your friendship!

Love you, my dear friend!

May 21, 2013
May 21, 2013

Dearest Nakinti, you are such an inspiring personality! Though I wish we had connected much earlier, seeing that we've both been part of World Pulse for long, I am still very grateful that we still found each other on World Pulse.

Guess what? Incidentally, I learnt so much about your country in Church today through a documentary aired and various other presentations made, as a mark to celebrate your Country's independence. All the Cameroonians present were celebrated and your country too. Now, too, I cherish our friendship and celebrate you and also join you to celebrate your country's independence. My hands are wide open to receive you anytime you find yourself in 'Naija'. Hopefully too, the upcoming summit of the Diligent African Women's Network in Tanzania will make our meeting a reality, real soon.

We have lots in common and so much to share and look forward to!

Happy Independence from Greengirl!

Saving Angel
May 19, 2013
May 19, 2013

My dearest Nakinti! I have absolutely no words to describe the joy I felt while reading your post! First of all I feel so blessed to have been given this opportunity to connect with you! Secondly, I feel so honored to have been able to read your amazing pieces of art - you so eloquently use the English language to express your thoughts, opinions and feelings during this entire experience. Third of all, I feel so loved and appreciated, especially because you included me in your list!

You are totally right! If your journals were for sale I would definitely be one of your regular customers! I just love reading your pieces and hearing your voice all the way here in Canada. I have so much love and respect for you as well Nakinti, I would definitely love to meet you some day!

My home, my arms and my family will always remain yours as well! I tell my family all the time about the friends I meet here on WP, and its so funny, because sometimes they feel like they know you all so well even though they've never met you! I'm so blessed to add so many sisters to my family!

Thank you so much for always sharing such kind words of love and appreciation! You are definitely a shinning star in my life and I will always look forward to connecting, communicating and collaborating with you! PSPS, if you'd like anything from Canada, please let me know as well!

Much love & respect xoxoxo

May 19, 2013
May 19, 2013

Awwww, thank you so much for the kind words. it is great knowing you too. You quite stand out and your posts have been very refreshing to read. Please don't be a stranger.

Wish you the best.x

Shahd Majeed
May 20, 2013
May 20, 2013

We Love you too Darling



May 20, 2013
May 20, 2013

If every you get the opportunity to visit I'll ensure I have some free time! :) IT's awesome knowing you also!

May 21, 2013
May 21, 2013

My God Nakinti,

You have done a wonderful job of summarizing everyone over here. Thank you for the wonderful words you said about me and my struggles, my mom, and my journey through the four weeks on WorldPulse.

I am moved to tears and yet am smiling :)