Rescue Women Cameroon: Visit to Women of the Bamenda Central Prison!

Posted November 28, 2015 from Cameroon
Bamenda Central Prison
Rescue Women Cameroon Will be Visiting the Women of this Prison
Women in Akonolinga Prison, Cameroon
Women in Akonolinga Prison, Cameroon: It is a tough life (1/1)


Come December 1st 2015, Rescue Women will be launching its one of a kind project dubbed "VISIT THE WOMEN OF THE BAMENDA CENTRAL PRISON."

Ask me why I am so particular about this project? The answer is simple. I, Nakinti Besumbu Nofuru, Founder of Rescue Women - Cameroon, has experienced life behind the iron bars. I have slept on the floor, longed for a monthly pad, anticipated for a small piece of even rotten meat that never came, cut male pants to form female breastwear, cleaned the cell space 8 times a day, sit and watched other inmates sleep all night during my days on duty, looked forward to my freedom, and finally become the woman of my dreams. And guess what? That didn't happen in Cameroon, it happened in China!!!

Now, that is the just one of the problems we face when we emigrate to other countries and over-stay our visas, just because we can't come back home and face the local realities of hopelessness. But then, at the face of all those difficulties, I was forced to believe that hopelessness at home is better than hidden gold in another man's home.

At the launch of "VISIT THE WOMEN OF THE BAMENDA CENTRAL PRISON," I will be sharing a five pack story of my life as a bushfaller, in the GUANGZHOU NUMBER ONE DETENTION CAMP. These short story series will come in daily, right here on World Pulse, facebook, and on my travel blog. You just have to join me in this. As for me, God has blessed me and so I am committed to blessing others in my own little way.

If I am having a blast during Christmas season, my sisters in the prison should too.

As I look forward to the launch, I am thinking of my sisters and brothers who have always supported me through my Rescue Girls Scholarship Program for the past two academic years; financially, morally and spiritually. I am hoping that more people will come in to support this project.

Remember, some women are there, not because they are supposed to be there, but because circumstances, wrong judgement, self defense from violence, patriarchy, immigration, put them there. Love them just the way you'd love a sister.

If you have any support, contact me here on World Pulse and I will respond ASAP.

Let's show some love this Christmas!!!

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Sarah Murali
Nov 30, 2015
Nov 30, 2015

Wow, Nakinti, what a story you have to share! I look forward to seeing your posts about your experience in China and learning more about that situation. I am also grateful you will be visiting the women in the Bamenda prison and sharing their stories. Theirs are voices that are almost never heard, but definitely should be!

Nov 30, 2015
Nov 30, 2015

Thanks Sarah! You will definitely see all my posts about my experience, and that of the women I will visit in Prison. In a pre-visit to the prison yesterday, I was made to understand that the women are rarely visited, not even by their family members. The women also have a major problem, which is that of accessing sanitary items. I am hoping to have a succesful visit.

Thanks Sarah

Lots of Love, Nakinti.

Dec 09, 2015
Dec 09, 2015

Nakinti what an inspiration your story and work are!

I look forward reading the stories from the immates and yours. It's inspiring to me to see people that find light on everything and keep the strength of spirit to shine that light on others. Thanks for your work and for transform your hard times in inspiration and light for others.

Dec 10, 2015
Dec 10, 2015

Dear Sis,

I really like this initiative.As women we should be one another`s keeper.The women in prison deserve our care too.Looking forward to this!



Tamarack Verrall
Dec 12, 2015
Dec 12, 2015

Dear Nakinti,

I am so glad to read about your visits into a women's prison there, and also to know that you have experienced being behind bars yourself. No one is better equipped to understand than one who has experienced it. I had the opportunity over a ten year period to get into the women's prisons here in my country, and spoke with all of the women. You are so right to suggest that we "Remember, some women are there, not because they are supposed to be there, but because circumstances, wrong judgement, self defense from violence, patriarchy, immigration, put them there". So very true. I love youe message to "Love them just the way you'd love a sister". Most people do not realise the reasons that women end up in prison. It is good news that you still have access to get in, and that you plan to go over the holidays. It means a lot.

Best wishes with all your work,