Troubled Waters

Posted September 14, 2017 from Cameroon
One of the buildings burned by anglophone protesters some months ago

They came, in complete pandemonium

They caused a scare

They looked drunk and drugged

They shook the little town

Their iron horses, hoot endlessly

Their attires looked scary

Their gaze, deadly

Their intentions, clear

They stormed the market

They scattered items and people

They made the young run

They made the old run

They made those with disability, too, run

In their words, “we are not afraid of death”

In their words, “We are not afraid of the military”

In their words, “We are not afraid of the colonial government”

In their words, “Respect ghost town or we disrespect you”

In their words, “The struggle continues”

As they moved on, they seized petrol from illegal vendors, filled their tanks

As they moved on, they dubbed a petrol station, got fuel, filled their tanks

As they moved on, they revealed they're heading to burial

Burial of a little brother, shot in cold blood

Blood, they say, is a sign of marginalization of a people

Blood, they say, cannot flow in vain

Cry my beloved nation

Things have never been the same again

Genuine dialogue, is what some are saying

Some say Federation is the better option

Others say separation & complete independence is all they want

There seems to be no compromise between faction groups

Well, what will be, will be

[By Nakinti Besumbu Nofuru. Wednesday 13/09/2017. 3:00pm. Written immediately after anglophone bike riders protesters stormed the town of Ndop, in the North West Region of Cameroon, causing disorder based on the fact that the people of the town do not respect ghost town]

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Sep 14, 2017
Sep 14, 2017

I wish my country can be normal again. We have been through a lot.

Aysh Khan
Oct 07, 2017
Oct 07, 2017

Dear Nakinti,

This is so sad and depressing. I pray for your country.

Love form Pakistan

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