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About Me

I'm a ugandan student and a Mom of 3 children. I'm a volunteer Project Coordinator to the organization. Prior to this, I was the Assistant Project Coordinator of Tweyambe Women’s Group. I have a certificate in Project Planning and Management from Makerere University, and currently I'm pursuing a secondary education degree at Makerere University. My responsibilities include new project development, recruiting project partners and donors from Uganda and internationally. I'm on the teams responsible for developing the Poultry Microfinance Project and the pilot Solar Lighting Microfinance Project.

Uganda SPACE is a community based non-profit organisation empowering impoverished women, youth, and children through education, evangelical/ pastoral work and social business enterprises like poultry and solar lantern microfinance projects , sustainable tour services, Renewable energy projects, Water and sanitation programs.

I'm interested in connecting with Volunteers, women activistis, journalists, project partners, donors, tourists and travellers with the mission of impoving the lives of impoverished women, children, youth and rural communities at large.
Love for women development, and education of girl child in uganda low numbers of educated women, funds to mobilise women Education and women emanicipation

My Vision

To have a poverty free women generation in uganda