Diagnosis and confirmation of the heart problem

Posted April 30, 2019 from Kenya

I have been telling my son's story and how  i discovered he was DS and had 3 holes in his heart.......

I got the letter to go see a pediatric cardiologist, after doing several tests including écho, murmur and Thyroid' the cardiologist confirmed that my son had 3 holes in the heart. He advised that this was not strange since children are born with holes in their heart which later on close up. He decided to put Chris on medication for three months as he monitors him. This were very important and very long months. I took time to learn more about what Chris was going through  and the Down Syndrome. During this period, we decided not to share what we and Chris were going through to our social networks. 

This decision was very important to us because we did not need people's pity or woooiyee woooiye at this point in time, i didn't want people to look at my son any different before he could even have a chance to live and prove himself. This was also a defense mechanism to my husband and I. We are strong Christians and we had laid down our faith before God for our son. Negative comments from from family and friends whether intended or otherwise would have dampened our faith and made us start looking to the side. Secondly, people have many answers to questions you have not asked them. I wanted to follow the doctors orders without being told go see this doctor and the other or do this and the other.

We decided to share with our pastor and my husbands close friend. Our Pastor is a very wise man. He told us that God is well able to heal Chris if he so wanted even as we stand, but God can also use doctors of whom he has given wisdom to cure and heal Chris. He told us, unless God heals Chris supernaturally, we needed to trust him to give us wisdom and direction as to which path to follow. Meaning, we pray for the right doctors, for them to show Chris favor, to give them wisdom to enable them help Chris. He said 'Nobody should tell us to sit in the house and wait for Chris' healing', God may just want to glorify himself through the process we will go through with Chris and for it to be a testimony to others of his goodness and how to handle such a situation should it arise with others. I thought the Pastor's advise was very profound and sound. I took it and ran with it.

After 3 months, we went back to the same pediatric Cardiologist who after checking him, advised that one hole had closed but two were still open. The baby's blood was mixing; the oxygenated blood and the non oxygenated causing there not to be proper oxygen circulation in the body. Also the baby was becoming hypertensive and may need surgery to close the other two holes soon. He advised us though, that he will put us on one more month of medication before we can consider operation.

I came away from the doctor very apprehensive and not satisfied with the doctor's advise, I asked God for direction, we decided to get a second opinion on the matter before the one month ended.  We went and met Dr Ali a private doctor here in Mombasa............

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Jill Langhus
Apr 30
Apr 30

Hi Namadi,

How are you doing? Thanks for sharing the latest installment in Chris' story. I really do hope it all ended well and that Chris is happy, healthy and thriving:-)

Jacqueline Namutaawe

Hello Namadi this is powerful and we are glad as sisters and hope the baby's situation gets better for good.

Hello, Namadi,

Your post hits close to home. I have a son with special needs, too. He was diagnose with Global Developmental Delay with Sensory Processing Disorder and hypotonia. I am a Christian, too. I trully understand the feeling of now sharing this journey with other people. I feel you. I admire you for going through this courageously. It must be tough to know that the baby you carried on your womb has three/two holes in his heart. I will keep you in my prayers. May you find strength and healing. Keep fighting. If you need a friend, message me. God bless you.

Tamarack Verrall
May 07
May 07

Dear Namadi,
My best wishes for good doctor care for your baby. It is clear that he has wise and loving parents. Please keep us posted.

Kika Katchunga
May 29
May 29

Thank you for sharing with us, I am sorry for your son, did not make you, God is in control of everything, continued only to believe, you will see the Glory of God. Nothing is impossible for God; whoever closes the first hole he is also able to close the other two

leila Kigha
Jul 11
Jul 11

thank you for sharing your story.
i hope your Son heals completely.